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As communications experts and passionate instructors, the CBC team coaches Kogod students to build essential writing, speaking, and teamwork skills.

Caron Martinez Director, Kogod Center for Business Communication Curriculum KSB - Kogod School of Business

Caron Martinez taught academic writing at American University (AU) for eight years in the Writing Studies Program before being named Director of Business Communications for AU’s Kogod School of Busine


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Peer Consultants Center for Business Communications

Meet our peer consultants.


  1. Alia

    Alia A.

    Alia is an undergraduate student and Frederick Douglass Scholar studying Business and Entertainment at Kogod. Originally from a small town in southern Maryland called Bryan’s Road, Alia is interested in photography, finance, and agency. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a job in the entertainment industry and travel the world.

  1. Ani

    Ani K.

    Ani is an MBA student focusing in Marketing at Kogod. She earned her B.A. in Spanish Language with a minor in Fine Art from UC Berkeley. Ani has experience working in small, privately owned businesses in various industries, including law, jewelry, and home restoration. Her work has required her to grow her skills in a variety of functions including marketing and project management. Ani is fluent in Spanish, Armenian, and English.

  1. Atif

    Atif S.

    Atif is a native of Syria and citizen of Turkey. He earned his degree in Business Administration from Koc University in Istanbul. In his undergraduate years, he was fortunate enough to attend four universities in four different countries which allowed him to make friends all over the world while honing his communications skills. Before starting his MBA program, Atif pulled a Dwight Schrute working as assistant to the regional manager for a paper company in Turkey. He is now a second year MBA student and aiming for a career in commercial management consulting. Atif plays tennis and likes the great outdoors and video games.

  1. Brian

    Brian M.

    Brian is an undergraduate student from Long Island, NY. His favorite part about working at the CBC is getting to know clients and watching them improve their business communication skills. When he’s not staffing the desk at the CBC, he’s either reading, exploring DC, or watching Seinfeld. If you need any reading recommendations, he’s your man!

  1. Brindha

    Brindha K.

    Brindha is an undergraduate student at Kogod studying Finance and International Relations. On campus, Brindha is actively involved in the International Relations Society, AU's Model United Nations Conference, and Alpha Kappa Psi. In her free time, she loves to explore ice cream spots in DC (although Thomas Sweet is her all-time favorite), re-watch episodes of Gossip Girl, and make Tik Tok videos.

  1. Carmisha

    Carmisha L.

    Carmisha is an MBA student at Kogod. She earned her BS in Business Administration in Marketing with a minor in Management from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Her experience includes Brand Coordinating and Account Management in custom packaging with retailers and cosmetic brands for a marketing company with partnerships that have included REI, Sephora Freestanding, International and Sephora inside JCPenney. She is pursuing a future in brand management or marketing management.

  1. Claudia

    Claudia S.

    Claudia is an undergraduate student from Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. She is majoring in Business Administration with a Finance specialization and an Economics minor. She is a Kogod Ambassador, Treasurer for the Albanian Students Association at AU, and now a peer consultant for the CBC. Claudia interned at 20K Strategies and End the Stigma, PAC. She also has prior tutoring experience from working with K-6 children at Kumon Math and Reading Center. In her free time, you will most likely catch Claudia painting or finding the best cafés in DC!

  1. Danielle

    Danielle T.

    Danielle is a Master’s student in Accounting from the eastern shore of Maryland. Working for the CBC for the past two years, she has enjoyed cultivating long-term relationships with her clients and seeing their progress after each appointment. This summer, Danielle read 20 books on her “to read” list - so feel free to ask her book recommendations for any genre! Outside of campus, you can find Danielle enjoying the wide variety of coffee shops in D.C., staying active and adding new music to her ever-growing Spotify playlist (over 1,300 songs).

  1. Emily-Claire

    Emily-Claire N.

    Emily-Claire is an undergraduate student from Wellesley, MA. Her favorite part of working at the CBC is the supportive community. She has experience working at Marriott International and Wells Fargo. On-campus, she is involved in Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional business fraternity. She studied abroad in Rome, Italy in Spring 2019 and loves to travel. She has been to 29 countries!

  1. Gabe

    Gabriel M.

    Gabriel is an undergraduate from Belmont, Massachusetts, a town neighboring Boston. He is passionate about economics, restaurants, and Volkswagen, and his favorite aspect of working at the CBC is collaborating and guiding students. He is currently a member of the Brazilian Club at AU. Outside of school, you can find him listening to Planet Money on NPR and hanging out with friends. If you meet with Gabe, ask him about the time he met President Duque of Columbia.

  1. Georgia

    Georgia W.

    Georgia is an undergraduate student from Marion, Massachusetts (tiny town on the south coast of Massachusetts). Her favorite aspect of working at the CBC is that she is constantly learning from others, both clients and other peer consultants. She is also a Kogod Ambassador, a member of Delta Gamma, and on the Club Tennis team. In her free time she loves to try new restaurants with her friends, go to the beach, and listen to all kinds of music. Fun fact: she’s allergic to pumpkins!

  1. Harrison

    Harrison G.

    Harrison is an undergraduate student from Orange County in Southern California. He is a Business Administration major with a minor in Legal Systems. Harrison is also the Senator for the Kogod School of Business in the Undergraduate Senate at AU. He enjoys eating sushi, trying new foods, painting, and playing beach volleyball. 

  1. Isabel

    Isabel I.

    Isabel is an undergraduate student from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Her favorite part about working at the CBC is building meaningful relationships with clients and watching their writing skills grow. She enjoys eating all kinds of fun food around DC and would be open to any recommendations. In her free time catch her binging Netflix, exploring DC, or looking at pictures of her adorable black Lab.

  1. Jaycie

    Jaycie R.

    Jaycie is an undergraduate student from Oak Park, Illinois. She is majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in International Business and a minor in Economics. She loves meeting new AU students and learning from others in the CBC. She loves travel, music, and trying new things in DC. When she’s not busy working, Jaycie likes going for walks and finding new shows on Netflix!

  1. Kylah

    Kylah W.

    Kylah is a current senior in Kogod majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Digital Marketing and a minor in Spanish. She truly loves traveling and exploring because she believes that the world is our playground. During her free time, you can find her socializing, cooking, or calling friends and family. She is super excited to be one of your peer consultants this year! También hablo español para los que no hablan inglés o prefieren hablar/ practicar su español. 

  1. Kyle

    Kyle B.

    Kyle is a 4th Year studying Accounting and Business Management through Kogod School of Business. An avid writer of poetry, Kyle hopes to one day become a philanthropist and grow the artistic performance community in New Orleans. He recently finished writing his own television series and is currently working on his first book-publishing deal. Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, he introduces himself as an extroverted introvert.

  1. Lacey

    Lacey T.

    Lacey is an undergraduate from Culpeper, Virginia majoring in Business and Entertainment and minoring in Accounting. Her favorite aspect of working at the CBC is helping students expand their research skills, while learning new things herself. In addition to the CBC, she is also a research assistant for a boutique consulting firm. She spent Fall of 2019 abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, which was her first time leaving the US. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, discovering new music, reading, and writing.

  1. Malia

    Malia C.

    Malia is an undergraduate student from Baltimore, Maryland. Her favorite parts of working at the CBC are building relationships with clients and working with such supportive staff members. She enjoys traveling, shopping, and finding a good show to watch. Malia loves dessert and is open to any suggestions on what to try next! 

  1. Malik

    Malik G. C.

    Malik is an undergraduate student and Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar studying African American and African Diaspora Studies and Dance with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about teaching, community organizing, and storytelling. As an educator, Malik aims to create and manage a non-profit organization to help bring the arts to underrepresented youth and communities in the US.

  1. Miguel

    Miguel W.

    Miguel is an undergraduate student from Atlanta, Georgia. His favorite aspect of the CBC is developing people’s skills both academically and professionally. He brings his communication skills to his extra-curricular work with WVAU, The Blackprint, and Black Pre-Professional Society. Outside of AU, you can find him learning new languages and horseback riding. Whether you’re looking for a good book recommendation or a friend to bond over your first concert experience seeing The Wiggles, Miguel is your person.

  1. Nadeeya

    Nadeeya H.

    Nadeeya is an undergraduate from Washington, DC who is passionate about social justice and financial literacy. Her favorite aspect about working at the CBC is being able to help people and recognize a change in their work after a tutoring session. She brings her fantastic communication skills to her position on the Frederick Douglass Community Service Board. Outside of AU, Nadeeya enjoys biking and is currently striving to buy a house this year.

  1. Scott

    Scott S.

    Scott is an MBA student at Kogod. He has spent the last five years in Washington, DC working in hospitality operations, sales/revenue, and management for multiple brands, including InterContinental, Ritz-Carlton, and Marriott. Scott attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and earned his BA in Markets and Culture, with minors in Business Administration and Sociology. Upon completion of his MBA, Scott is pursuing opportunities in brand management, marketing, and customer management.

  1. Sledja

    Sledja I.

    Sledja is an undergraduate student from Albania. Her favorite part about working at the CBC is interacting with her clients and other peer consultants. She loves travelling and her favorite part about it is trying authentic and regional food in each country. Fun fact about her is that she loves learning new languages and can currently speak five, with plans to learn more.

  1. Trinity

    Trinity S.

    Trinity is an MBA student. For the past five years, she has worked at IBM as an energetic and passionate IT Consultant. Trinity has partnered with federal clients, such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Justice. After Trinity completes her MBA, she would like to pursue her passion of joining innovative technologies to create social impact.

  1. Trisha

    Trisha K.

    Trisha is an undergraduate student. She is currently majoring in Business, Spanish, and Culture at AU. She was drawn to AU because of its location in DC and the opportunity here in the nation's capital. Fluent in Spanish after a year abroad in Zaragoza, Spain, Trisha hopes that her career may take her back to Madrid at some point.

  1. Vincent

    Vincent R.

    Vincent is an undergraduate student studying business administration and political science. Currently, he is working for the Office of Career Development at the School of International Service and is a TA for MKTG 300. Editor of his high school newspaper, Vincent's passion for journalism led him to join The Eagle on campus.

  1. Yanna

    Yanna M.

    Yanna is an undergraduate student from Shenzhen, China. She went to high school in Miami as an exchange student, and her experiences motivated her to help international students at the CBC. She is passionate about meeting with new clients and empowering their confidence in business works. Outside of AU, she loves exploring new places and learning new languages!


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