The Kogod Student Emergency Fund

This fund has been established to provide financial assistance when a Kogod student (major, minor, or enrolled in a graduate program) encounters unexpected, immediate, and temporary personal hardship that puts at risk their ability to successfully progress in their course work toward degree completion and fulfill other commitments at AU. The fund is unable to support long-term or continuous situations but we can help you find community-based resources to support ongoing issues.


  • Student must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Kogod School of Business, and in good standing with the university and are not in any violation of the AU Student Conduct Code.
  • For purposes of the Kogod Student Emergency Fund, the committee will only consider requests for emergency funds which involve a one-time, unavoidable expense.
  • Student has, in good faith, considered all possible financial resources including family resources, loans through AU’s Office of Financial Aid or scholarships through internal and external resources, and have deemed them insufficient, unavailable or not available within the timeframe needed.
  • Student must complete the application in its entirety and provide supporting documentation of financial hardship (i.e. bills, estimates, notices, photos/videos, etc.) if warranted by the situation before the K-SEF Committee will take action on the application.
  • Student has not exceeded the $5,000 limit for emergency funds within the current academic year.
  • Student has promised that their statements are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and made in compliance with the terms of the AU Student Conduct Code.
  • Students may apply for emergency funds when all other resources have been exhausted, and funds are not intended to substitute or supplement existing financial aid packages.
  • The emergency funds cannot provide reimbursement for expenses more than 20 days old.
  • Awarded emergency funding may be classified as taxable income to the recipient and require the University to make appropriate withholdings and report the payment information to the IRS. It may also impact a student's financial aid award.
  • All funds are awarded solely at the discretion of the Kogod School of Business and decisions are final.
  • This emergency fund is administered by the Kogod Student Development team.

Please review the list of emergencies to be considered, but not limited to below. Additional situations may qualify based on specific circumstances.

  • Emergency medical, vision, dental and mental health expenses as well as associated medications and travel costs not covered by insurance. Note that if it has not already been done, the Dean of Students office may be looped into the situation while respecting confidentiality if applicable.
  • Travel expenses in the event of serious illness or death in the applicant’s immediate family.
  • Academic necessities outside of tuition and student fees including educational materials/supplies and technology not incorporated in the cost of attendance.
  • Immediate and imminent need of housing.
  • Essential utilities (i.e. electric, water) not incorporated in the cost of attendance that are in danger of being turned off.
  • Replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft or natural disaster that are not covered by insurance.
  • Loss of childcare services.
  • Personal safety-related needs (i.e. changing of a lock at home, temporary relocation).

Please review the list of emergencies that will not be considered for funding below:

  • Tuition, on-campus room and board, student fees, insurance and study abroad expenses
  • Legal/court fines, counsel or fees
  • Parking permits or tickets, library fines, or other similar expenses
  • Non-essential services and revolving credit line payments (including but not limited to cable, credit card, cell phone, subscriptions to streaming services, memberships, etc.)
  • Costs of entertainment, conferences/professional development opportunities, recreation, food, or non-emergency travel
  • Longer term coverage of any expenses beyond two months
  • Funding applications will be acknowledged within one (1) business day by the Kogod Student Development team and are then reviewed by a committee of Kogod faculty and staff and Financial Aid staff. In general, the Kogod Student Emergency Fund committee aims to share a decision with the applicant within six (6) business days.
  • As long as funds are available, the Kogod Student Emergency funds are awarded on a case by case, first come first served basis after considering the following factors:
    • the level of impact the emergency/hardship is having on the student’s academic progress;
    • overall personal well-being; and
    • the availability of funds at the time of the request.
  • Applications must be completed with all required supporting documentation before they will be considered by the Kogod Student Emergency Fund committee. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so funds can be awarded at any point in the year based on availability of funds.
  • A meeting with a staff member on the Student Development team to further discuss the situation and urgency of funds may be requested. 
  • The amount of funds distributed to a student will not exceed Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). At the the Kogod Student Emergency Fund committee’s option, partial awards may be made as full funding is not guaranteed.
  • All emergency fund requests are confidential, and details will only be shared amongst administration offices needed to process the request. No information will be shared with a third party unless the student explicitly gives permission or reporting is required by law in instances of Title IX violations or crimes covered under the Clery Act.
  • If awarded funds, preferred payment to student is through reimbursement but in limited case, may be made directly to the vendor or another third party (i.e. landlord, service provider, airline, medical provider, etc.).


Please contact Andrew if you have any questions about this fund.