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Getting Started at AU

As part of the American University (AU) community, you will engage with several university departments for administrative support or to find out about additional services and resources available to you as you prepare to join us and during your time at AU.

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AU Administrative Services


The checklist is a helpful tool to track everything new graduate students need to complete before and as they start their academic career at AU. It can be referred to throughout your graduate education career to provide helpful reminders.

Access the check list by visiting the portal, logging in, and finding the "New Graduate Student Checklist" in the "Life @ AU" section of the left menu.


The American University Office of Student Accounts will send you an invoice for your tuition. Also, you may view and pay your tuition bill online.

To View Status: Visit the myAU Portal, click on "Finances" on the right-hand side of the screen, and then click on Eagle Service. For more information about Eagle Service, visit Eagle Service website.

Contact AU Central at (202) 885-8000, or visit the Student Accounts website with any questions.


Financial aid is handled by the American University Financial Aid Office through AU Central.

To View Status: Log on to the AU Portal and then click on "Finances."

Contact AU Financial Aid Office at (202) 885-8000,, or visit the Financial Aid website with any questions.


Every student at AU automatically receives an AU student email address. You will need to set up your email account as soon as possible. It is essential to check AU email regularly particularly as an incoming student. All official information from the university, both before you begin your academic career and during your tenure as a student, will be sent to your AU email address. If you wish to use a personal email address instead, you must take certain steps to forward email to the email address that you most frequently check. To learn more, visit the E-Mail Services website.

To set up your student account and email address: Log on to, select "Create your account" and follow the instructions for a new account. You can also set up forwarding for your AU email to another email account.

Questions? Contact AU Help Desk at (202) 885-2550 or


All students in credit-bearing courses at AU are eligible to receive services from the Student Health Services. Learn about the services they provide, educational programming, and more by Student Health Center website. Note that the District of Columbia Immunization Law requires that all students, under age 26 (no matter how many credit hours they are enrolled in) provide proof of the immunizations listed on the AU Mandatory Immunization Form. View the form to learn more.



Kogod has developed a series of laptop hardware and software guidelines for computer use at Kogod. Please note that all Kogod students are required to purchase a laptop.

Please note that if you plan to use a Mac operating system, additional software may be necessary to interface with the PC-based AU and Kogod applications. More details can be found here.


To access the wireless Internet on-campus, your computer must first be configured to connect to it.

For more information on this configuration, visit the Office of Information Technology website.

Questions: Contact AU OIT Help Desk at (202) 885-2550,, or visit the OIT website.


Blackboard is a web-based course management system used at American University and will house all the courses for which you are actively enrolled. Most professors use Blackboard in their classes. Kogod Graduate Programs also maintains a separate area on Blackboard for each academic program that includes useful information about your degree. View more information on Blackboard .

Blackboard can be found on the portal. On the right side of the webpage under "Academics," click the "Blackboard" link. Enter your username and password, which is the same information as your AU Student Account. You can also login through For an overview of how to log into Blackboard, please view this short video.

Contact the OIT Help Desk at (202) 885-2550 if you need help with passwords. Or you can reset your password through the AU Portal at

AU Campus - Resources and Services


Most classes at Kogod are held at the Kogod School of Business building. The AU Campus map indicates the building location and the most accessible parking areas. Classroom assignments are usually available a week prior to the start of the semester.

To Find a Classroom: Log on to the AU Portal. On the right side of the website, click to expand "Academics" and then find "Student Snapshot."


A parking permit is required if you plan on parking your vehicle on campus from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 5:00 p.m. or on weekends, parking is free. The parking garage under the Katzen Arts Center and the Nebraska Avenue parking lots are the two closest to the Kogod School of Business.

For campus maps and information about parking permits, visit the AU Parking and Traffic website.


An AU shuttle bus runs routinely every day of the week from the AU/Tenleytown Metro stop (on Metro's red line) and main campus. The shuttle is free and you do not need to show your AU ID card. For shuttle information, visit the transportation section of the Public Safety website.

On campus, there are Zipcar parking spots, a Capital Bikeshare docking station, and there are usually many car2go Smart Cars parked in the vicinity of campus.


For graduate students, a digital photo - passport photos are best - must be submitted by the end of July to be ready for pick-up at orientation.

Photos must meet the following specifications:

  • The picture file must be in .jpeg format and at least 300x375 pixels (2 megabyte maximum file size)
  • The face and shoulders must be clearly visible and facing forward
  • No sunglasses or hats (religious head coverings are an exception)
  • The photo must be in color
  • You must be the only person in the picture
  • The photograph must have a uniform light-colored background
  • There may be no other objects in the photo (hands, doors, trees, etc.)

Save your photo on your computer. To submit your photo, log in to the Portal and follow these steps:

  • Under "Personalized Links", click "Life@AU"
  • Click "ID Card Information"
  • Click "Browse" and then find your photo file from your computer
  • Click "Upload"

You will receive an email from to inform you as to the approval status of your photo. Student IDs will be distributed at check-in for Orientation. If you are unable to upload a photo before the deadlines, the ID Card office will be available at Orientation to take your picture and create your Student ID.

Your student ID can be used as an access card to campus facilities and Bender Library services, as well as used as a debit card using Eaglebucks for campus eateries, printing on campus, and student discounts.


AU has an office that helps students secure housing off-campus. Visit the off-campus housing website or view their off-campus housing guide . With many required events and activities starting on Sunday, August 20, you should have your lease signed, utilities taken care of (if applicable), and moved in during the week of August 14.

Mentorship Program

The Graduate Mentor Program offers new students the opportunity to connect with a returning student or recent alumni of their program to talk about questions you may have during your first few months at Kogod. Kogod peer mentors are volunteers who help welcome and assist new students.

Being matched with a peer mentor is optional. Should you decide to participate, you will be connected to your peer mentor in mid-August. In addition, program participants are invited to attend events during orientation and during the fall semester that will bring students together to network and learn from each other's experiences at Kogod. Click here if you are interested in being matched with a mentor. Please complete the form by August 1st.

For MBA Students Only


Certain courses, like FIN 614, require the use of an advanced calculator with finance functions. We recommend the HP 12C but comparable models that have similar features are also acceptable. An app downloaded on your phone or other smart device is not recommended as most professors do not allow phones to be out during exams.


On Blackboard, all MBA students will be added to it over the summer before classes begin. The content in the portal was selected by Kogod faculty to help students prepare for the rigors of MBA coursework and as additional resources for concepts that will be taught in the classroom.


The Kogod Center for Career Development facilities several sessions during orientation which require your participation in online inventories or assessments before coming to campus. Pre-work requirements and guidelines will be provided on the Academic Resource Portal.


To help you get to know each other and to help your faculty get to know you, MBA students will be asked to complete a student profile and will be provided with a professionally imprinted name tag (this can also be used at conferences or career fairs).

Complete your profile here no later than one week before orientation begins.

Complete your name tag request here no later than July 31st. Note that those who do not complete this form by the deadline will receive a name tag with the name they provided on their Kogod MBA application. Replacement name tags can be purchased for $20 each.


By the Friday before orientation, send a PowerPoint slide to Andrew Toczydlowski ( that you will use to introduce yourself to your classmates at orientation. All designs or formats are welcome; at minimum, you must include a clear picture of you alone but feel free to be as creative with it as you would like. During orientation, each student will have one minute to introduce themself to their classmates with the PowerPoint slide as a back drop. If you would like an example, ask Andrew.