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American University's Kogod School of Business and WeWork are partnering to pair you with graduate and undergraduate interns at a cost you can afford. You will be able to match your business needs to interns skilled in a variety of areas, including: accounting; data analytics; finance; HR, administrative & operations; marketing; and sales.

You can request a full-time or a part-time intern depending on your needs.

Internships pay between $18-$40/hour.

Employment Market

The Wall Street Journal’s March 9, 2018 front page detailed the critical needs businesses are now facing in finding enough qualified workers to fill their jobs. “Employers are looking further and wider for talent” and the current 4.1% unemployment rate is expected to tighten to 3.6% this year. New estimates are even lower now that the major tax cut has created stronger demand.

Businesses are facing “historic tightness” in employment according to the Journal. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. workforce includes more older workers than ever and will continue to age. Additionally, the workforce is becoming more diverse and Americans continue to become more educated. It is in this context that the emerging, innovative and creative companies find themselves competing with the high-tech, established behemoths hiring everyone they can find. At the same time, universities hear how graduates need to be better prepared to enter the workforce—ready to contribute, collaborate, participate on teams, etc. The best way to ensure this readiness is to supplement college education with “experiential” learning— internships and co-op programs designed to familiarize students with the demands of the workplace. Such an approach serves the added benefit of providing employers with an early commitment-free ability to assess possible future employees. Further, in this highly competitive context for finding good workers, internship and co-op programs allows employers to evaluate how an individual would fare in the workplace. American University has established itself as a leader in creating experiential learning opportunities for its students and is well-positioned to bridge the gap between employers looking for cost-effective workers and students in need of work experience.

The interns are all students (undergraduate and graduate) from American University’s Kogod School of Business. These students have gone through training with our staff and are excited to work with your company.

We use a skills matching software to match the requirements for your internship position with the skills of our students. Then we provide you (the company) with the resumes and contact information of the students who match well with your position. Then you do the hiring.

Benefit to the WeWork Member Companies

Internship/co-op programs provide a number of benefits, such as increasing productivity, enhancing perspective of the company via fresh outlook from new employees, enhancing a technically-savvy and social strategy, and delivering leadership and mentor opportunities for current employees. Accordingly, this program provides WeWork member companies with access to intelligent, qualified workers from a top-ranked, AACSB-accredited institution. Many of these students have real-world experience in business due to American University’s and Kogod’s commitment to providing experiential learning in public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Further, these skilled individuals can begin work at less expensive rates than full-time staff or temp firm placements (i.e., internships pay between $18-$40/hour).

We streamline the intern hiring process for you and provide you with access to top student talent at a very reasonable price. We have a team of people that work with the student but who are also available to the member company to heighten the intern’s success within your company. This internship could help you find your next employee.

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