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Department Honors Coordinators

Each department has at least one faculty member who is designated as the Department Honors Coordinator and may be of help in answering questions about Honors requirements in a given major. The Department Honors Coordinator is also an important part of the Honors Capstone approval process.

College of Arts and Sciences

  • American Studies: Prof. Tristan Cabello, BAT 133, x1837,
  • Anthropology: Prof. David Vine, Hamilton 311, x2923,
  • Art - Studio Arts/ Fine Arts: Prof. Andrew Holtin, Katzen Arts Center 218, x3928,
  • Art - Art History: Prof. Joanne Allen, Katzen Arts Center 225, x6822,
  • Art - Graphic Design: Prof. Chemi Montes, Katzen Arts Center 101B, x 1697,
  • Audio Technology/Audio Production: Prof. William Brent, Kreeger T08, x 1488,
  • Biology: Prof. Adele Doperalski, Hurst, x2182,
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry: Prof. James Girard, Beeghly 104, x1791,
  • Computer Science: Prof. Michael Black, McKinley 103, x2011,
  • Economics: Prof. Walter Park, Kreeger 106, x3774,
  • Education: Prof. Stephen Vassallo, Gray 220, x3048,
  • Environmental Science/Studies: Prof. Kiho Kim, Beeghly 104, x2181,
  • Health Promotion: Prof. Melissa Hawkins, Gray 118, x6253,
  • History: Prof. April Shelford, Batelle-Tompkins 125, x 2613,
  • Jewish Studies: Prof. Pamela Nadell, Batelle-Tompkins 139, x 2425,
  • Literature: Prof. Jeffrey Middents, Battelle-Tompkins 221, x 2979,
  • Mathematics/Applied Mathematics: Prof. Michael Baron, Gray 216, x 3130,
  • Mathematics and Economics: Prof. Mary Hansen, Kreeger 127, x 3793,
  • Performing Arts: Prof. Karl Kippola, Katzen Arts Center 227, x 3464,
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies: Prof. Amy Oliver, Battelle-Tompkins 118, x 2140,
  • Physics: Prof. Gregory Harry, Sports Center Annex 104, x3566, harry
  • Psychology: Prof. James Gray, Asbury 317, x1716, jgray
  • Sociology: Prof. Michelle Newton-Francis (University Honors only), Battelle-Tompkins Hall, x 2485, and Dr. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz (Honors in the Major), x 2443,
  • Public Health: Prof. Melissa Hawkins, Gray 118, x6253,
  • Statistics: Prof. Michael Baron, Gray 216, x3130,
  • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Prof. Lauren Weis, Battelle-Tompkins T-33, x2926,
  • World Languages and Cultures: Prof. Juliana Martinez, McCabe 222, x2586,

Kogod School of Business

  • Prof. Sally Fowler, Kogod 208, x 6676,

School of Communication

  • Prof. Joe Graf, McKinley 247, x 2147,

School of International Service

  • Last names A-M: Prof. Christopher Rudolph, SIS 326, x 1686,
  • Last names N-Z: Prof. Mirjana Morosini, EQB 204A, x 6827,

School of Public Affairs

  • Political Science/CLEG: Prof. Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Ward 221, x 6223,
  • Justice, Law, and Criminology: Prof. Douglas Klusmeyer, Ward 251, x 2995,