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Honors Advising

Welcome to the Honors advising page. You can find information about graduation requirements, Good Standing requirements, and course registration here. If you have further questions, contact - we're happy to help!

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the following requirements in order to receive the Honors notation on their transcript:  
  • Minimum 3.67 cumulative GPA; 
  • Grade of C or better in each of the seven (7) Honors courses; 
  • An average of 3.0 (B letter grade) or better across all seven (7) Honors courses; 
  • Complete all seven (7) AU Honors courses.
Students must complete the following requirements in order to receive the Honors notation on their transcript:  
  • Minimum 3.67 cumulative GPA; 
  • Overall B average in AU Honors courses; 
  • Complete all seven (7) AU Honors courses.

Good Standing Requirements

To maintain continuous enrollment in AU Honors, students are required to stay in Good Standing. These regulations are intended to keep Honors students on track toward the Honors graduation requirements. 

Good Standing regulations apply to students who enter AU Honors in Fall 2017 and onward. Students who entered Honors in 2014-2016 are exempt from the Good Standing, Probation, and Dismissal regulations.

To be in Good Standing, students must meet the following criteria each semester:  

  • Maintain a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA 
  • Earn a C or better in each Honors course 
  • Maintain a 3.0 (B letter grade) average in Honors courses

Probation is: 

  • A one semester grace period to return to good standing. 
  • No benefits are lost during this time; this is a time to reevaluate study habits and get back on track.

  • If students fail to return to Good Standing within one semester on Probation, they are dismissed from AU Honors. 
  •  Upon dismissal, all associated Honors benefits are forfeited (access to Honors courses, Honors priority registration, Honors scholarship, Honors programming, and the option to live in Honors housing in the future).

Grades are reviewed at the end of each semester. Students will be notified by Honors if there is a change to their status. It is important for students to monitor their own progress and contact Honors with any questions or concerns.

Course Registration

None of the required AU Honors courses have any prerequisites.

Honors students receive the benefit of priority registration. Course registration times are assigned based on the number of credits students have completed.

To give Honors students priority, fifteen "ghost" credits are temporarily added to the number of credits Honors students have already completed. This helps students register as if they have completed an extra semester of credits.

Note: Priority registration does not change students' position on a course wait list, nor does it guarantee an Honors student will have a seat in a non-Honors course.

Honors will register incoming first-year students for Honors 200. After the first semester, students are expected to register themselves for all subsequent Honors courses.

The only exception to this rule is for students planning to take the Research Module while studying abroad. Students must coordinate with AU Abroad and AU Honors to ensure this option works for your course plan. If approved, AU Abroad will register you for the appropriate Honors course.