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HNRS-200: Cultures of Corruption (4 Credits)

Political and social leaders accuse each other of it and are accused by a media that itself is then condemned for it - but what is "corruption"? This course considers how the mention of corruption has become pervasive, while there seems to be no set definition or even direction of when a "favor" become "corruption." There are governments accused of being kleptocracies - governments of organized thieves composed of individuals whose only goal is to legally take as much money and resources from others as possible. This kind of corruption seems easy to define. But what about a payment to a border guard to let you pass? This course examines values, systems, and institutions across the globe - and down the street.

This class is taught in Fall 2019

Professor Shawn Bates

Professor Shawn Bates 
Shawn Bates | SIS

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