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HNRS-200: Pollution Solutions (4 Credits)

Today, contaminants enter our water, air, and land through many routes. In this course students pursue issues surrounding pollution in the environment, including how and why pollution occurs. The course investigates the sources of various pollutants and the environmental and health effects of exposure to these contaminants. Students investigate potential solutions to pollution including prevention and mitigation and participate in diverse assignments including case studies, debates/role-playing, peer-teaching, and facilitated discussions on assigned readings from written texts, documentaries, and topic-specific exhibits.

This class is taught in Fall 2019

Professor Jesse Meiller

Professor Jesse Meiller
Environmental Science Department | CAS


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(202) 885-1780
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This course is going to be awesome! It covers so many areas. As a class, we will learn about pollution topics that are not always discussed together. For example, we will investigate types of pollutants that end up in DC’s Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. This then leads to questions about where they came from and why they ended up there. I love to find ways to make a topic interesting and relevant to our lives, and this class allows me to do just that! 

Fun fact 

My middle school summer camp experiences included a survival camp in which I was left on an island to fend for myself where I killed, cooked and ate a snake!