HNRS-220: The Legal Imagination (4 Credits)

Literature and film frequently imagine alternate or (non)ideal depictions of how society should or should not be organized. This course will analyze the ethical and concomitant legal challenges posed by imagined technologies, scientific advancement, and social change in past literature and film.

This class is taught in Fall 2018/2019/ 2020

Archived Courses

HNRS-220: Thinking Emotion: From Physiology to Ethics (Fall 2015-2017)

Professor Bill Davies

Professor Bill Davies
Justice, Law, and Criminology | SPA


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Kerwin Hall 252
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 10am to 3pm. 


I am excited to teach Honors 220 because for the first time, I am teaching a class that combines my professional passions for law and history, with a really significant personal interest in sci-fi literature. The most exciting aspect of all is that this is not just a class where I get to assign my own favourite books, but I will be pushing the students and myself to reflect deeply on what these stories mean and what we can learn from them to better understand and deal with problems in society today.

Fun Fact

I had read the entire sci-fi section of my local library growing up near London by the first year of high school.