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HNRS-200: Transnational Migration and The Urban Experience (4 Credits)

This is an interdisciplinary course in the humanities and the social sciences. It combines research on the history and culture of the Washington, DC region and its immigrant communities with the study of cities and transnational migration in general.

This course is taught in Fall 2017/2018/2019

Why we wanted to teach this class

This class is focused on helping students gain a holistic understanding of cities. As social scientists, we appreciate the perspectives on urban life that the humanities have to offer. We also enjoy teaching multidisciplinary courses and have co-taught together in the past. HNRS-200 is our opportunity to share our passion for urban scholarship with the incoming Honors cohort.

Professor Daniel Esser -School of International Service

Fun Fact

A few years ago, I drove from Washington, DC to Homer, Alaska and from there to Ushuaia in Argentina, the southernmost city on the South American continent.

To Contact Professor Esser

Office Hours: Some Wednesdays (10-11am) and most Thursdays (2:30-3:50pm). Students must sign up online. No walk-ins.

Professor David Pike -CAS-Literature Department

Fun Fact 

I grew up in Louisville, KY; I spend my holidays in Bogota, Colombia, and for the past 5 years I have been learning (slowly, having little musical aptitude and arthritic fingers) to play the accordion.

To Contact Professor Pike

Office phone: (202) 885-2996
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-5pm and Wednesdays 4-5pm in Battelle 237. Sign up for office hours here.