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AU Honors Capstone Guidelines

The AU Honors Program prides itself on developing integrative, interdisciplinary, problem-based learners, through its rigorous and diverse curriculum. The Capstone is the culminating course of this challenging 4-year sequence. Usually completed in the senior year, the individual's Capstone must:

  1. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of a field or discipline;
  2. Represent a semester of deep study and analysis, or equivalent;
  3. Result in an essay, document, performance, artwork, or some other artifact;
  4. Be taken for a letter grade (A-F) and passed with a grade of B or better;
  5. Be a minimum of 3 credits;
  6. Can be done over the summer if needed, upon approval.

Students may use the Capstone to bridge work in two majors or between a major and a minor. Some may use it to explore some other field of interest, other than their major.