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University Honors Program | Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students admitted into 2014 Honors Program receive the same merit scholarship of $20,000 each year. The exception is the Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars, who receive a different scholarship.

Students admitted into 1989 Honors Program receive different merit scholarships. Students should always be careful in comparing their admission and merit and financial aid to those of other students. Your admission to the university, your admission to the Honors Program, and the awarding of merit and financial aid were all made by different offices considering different aspects of your application.

The admissions office decided whether to admit you to the university, the Honors office decided whether to admit you into the Honors Program, and the financial aid office decided what kinds of scholarship and financial aid to offer.

All questions about scholarships and merit aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have concerns about being able to afford AU, please contact the Office of Financial Aid by calling 202-885-6500 or by emailing

The Office of Merit Awards also maintains a database of merit awards that you may find useful.