Interview with William Erickson

Washington Mentorship Student William Erickson
Alumnus Name
William Erickson
Where's home?
San Diego
What was your major?
I graduated with a bachelor of science in economics.
What school did you attend?
College of Arts and Sciences
What are you passionate about?
Economics, philosophy, business, TED talks.
What is your career ambition?
What are you doing now?
I work as the sales manager for my family's company.

Why did you choose Cornerstone DC?
I wanted to be in DC and I was attracted to AU's campus and the internship, I was working with the FBI at the time and really wanted to continue.

Where was your internship and what did you do there?
My internship was with the FBI and I did a number of administrative tasks.

What was your favorite experience in the program?
The FBI academy at Quantico, I went with one of my professor's classes. Also, for the Introduction to Systems of Justice course we went to the DEA headquarters, and that was awesome.

What did you love about your seminar?
The site visits were awesome. I've been to the State Department (twice), Voice of America, the DEA, the FBI, Arlington County Jail, and of course Capitol Hill.

What was your favorite part of the week at Cornestone DC?
My favorite part of the week was the seminar/ site visit/ speaker days. If we didn't go somewhere awesome we got to listen to someone awesome.

What do you want the world to know about Cornestone DC?
There is no better way to get to know DC than as a freshman through Cornerstone DC. It is the way to wake up after high school and realize what you can do in the world.

What was your favorite course of study?
Domestic Economic Policy with Sue Headlee was my favorite course. We discussed the role of the government in the economy and how different programs interact with the economy.

What did you do for fun on the weekends in DC?
Shop in Pentagon or Columbia Heights, hit up the movies in Bethesda or Chinatown, and the museums every once in a while. Not to mention AU has awesome events that go on, we had 30 Seconds to Mars and Cee Lo Green come one year.

Who was the biggest influence on your Cornerstone DC experience?
My professors were the biggest influence on my experience. Daniel Whitman and Bea Siman were both awesome, and I learned so much from both of them.

What is your favorite quote?
"Some people travel through life as though traveling through the wild country, rushing to get to each imaginary point of rest or settlement."

How did Cornerstone DC change your life?
It's like the secret brotherhood at AU. I got to know a lot of people on campus through the program.