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Duncan, Richard
Program Manager, University College

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Program Leaders

Complex Problems Program Leaders are undergraduate students and part-time student staff members; their role is critical to the success of the Complex Problems program. Each Program Leader (PL) serves as a mentor to first-year students, helping them to integrate learning experiences both inside and outside of their Complex Problems seminar. 

All PL's can expect to:
-Attend and participate in their Complex Problems seminar
-Have regular meetings with program faculty and staff
-Plan and participate in co-curricular activities
-Be available to support students socially and academically

Become a program leader - application due February 19

What are the perks?

Fun and friends

Meet a group of new AU students and introduce them to what you love about your school.
Collaborate with other program leaders and make friends along the way.
Expand your knowledge by experiencing a unique seminar and exploring the diverse perspectives of the students and class materials.
Explore DC with your class.


Resume Building

Facilitation - helping to moderate class discussions
Event Planning - coordinating co-curricular activities for your seminar
Budgeting - managing available funds
Communication - connecting students with faculty, working closely with faculty
Conflict management - mediating issues inside and outside the classroom
Time management - balancing work and study


What makes a good Program Leader?

There is not one "type" of person who fits this role. 

Successful Program Leaders are:
committed to leadership, community engagement, and role modeling;
and are enthusiastic, organized, efficient, and reliable.


Come to an info session!

2/6, 2:00pm, MGC 247
2/8, 4:00pm, MGC 247
2/12, 1:00pm, Butler Conf. Room B
2/13, 5:30pm, Butler Conf. Room B


Contact Us

Complex Problems PL

Work approximately 5 hours per week.

Seminar students do not participate in a living-learning community.

PL's meet in small teams with a Senior PL.

Position Description

University College PL

Work approximately 6 hours per week. 

Seminar students live together in University College (UC) - Fall semester only

PL collaborates with RA to implement residential programs related to the seminar.





Position Description

Senior PL

Work approximately 6 hours per week.

Coordinate a team of PL's and hold more administrative responsibilities.

Must have previously served as a Peer Mentor or Program Associate to apply.

Position Description