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Artemas Martin Collection

Artemas Martin (1835-1918) worked as a farmer, district school-teacher, and market gardener. In 1877, he began editing and publishing the Mathematical Visitor. He followed this in 1882 with the Mathematical Magazine. He served as editor, publisher and typesetter for both magazines. Martin also served as librarian of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and as "computer" (mathematician) in the tidal division. The Martin Collection features mathematical texts from the 15th through the 20th centuries. The bulk of the collection relates to algebra, arithmetic, and number theory, though there are texts relating to surveying and other sciences. These texts range from original mathematical treatises to text books including the following:

  • Euclid (fl. ca. 300 BC) The elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung by H. Billingsley, citizen of London… London: Imprinted by Iohn Daye, 1570. AU Special Collections Rare QA31.E8 B6 1570
  • Pierre de Fermat (1601-1665) Diophanti Alexandrini Arithmeticorum libri sex, et De numeris multangulis liber unus ; cum commentariis C. G. Bacheti v. c. & obseruationibus d. P. de Fermat ... Accessit Doctrinae analyticae inuentum nouum, collectum ex varijs eiusdem d. de Fermat episto, Tolosae: B. Bosc, 1670. AU Special Collections Rare QA33.D24 B1 1670
  • J.-L. (Jean-Louis) Boucharlat (d. 1848) An elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus. Translated from the French by R. Blakelock. Cambridge: W. P. Grant, 1828. AU Special Collections Martin QA303 .B752 1828
  • Byrne, Oliver The first six books of the elements of Euclid, in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners. London: W. Pickering, 1847. AU Special Collections Rare QA451 .B9 1847
  • Charles Davies (1798-1876) Elements of geometry and trigonometry: translated from the French of A.M. Legendre by Daniel Brewster: revised and adapted to the course of mathematical instruction in the United States. New York : A.S. Barnes & Co., 1848, c1834. AU Special Collections Martin QA529 .D24 1848.

For a complete list of titles, search the WRLC Catalog using the following search term (keyword): "Gift of Artemas Martin".

Note: Along with the book collection, American University Library received some of Artemas Martin's personal papers including correspondence, notebooks of mathematical problems and solutions, subscription lists for the two magazines he edited, and newspaper clippings.