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Ask a Librarian: Subject Specialists

Note: If you are looking for a person in charge of collection development for a given area, please use the collection managers page instead. Thanks!

Anthropology   Nikhat Ghouse, Gwendolyn Reece, Chris Lewis, Martin Shapiro

Art and Art History   Melissa Becher, Michael Matos

Biology   Rachel Borchardt

Business   Michael Matos

Chemistry   Rachel Borchardt

Communication Studies   Derrick Jefferson

Computer Science   Rachel Borchardt

Stefan Kramer

DC History   Kathryn Ray

Economics   Nikhat Ghouse, Michael MatosClement Ho

Education and Teaching   Alex Hodges, Gwendolyn Reece

EndNote   Rachel Borchardt, Mindy Ford, Mary Mintz, Melissa Becher
  Environmental Studies   Rachel Borchardt

Film and Media Arts   Chris Lewis, Derrick Jefferson

Graphic Design and Multimedia   Melissa Becher

Health Promotion   Rachel Borchardt, Alex Hodges

History   Martin Shapiro, Clement Ho, Mary Mintz

International Studies   Clement Ho

Journalism   Derrick Jefferson

Justice   Olivia Ivey

Language and Foreign Studies   Nobue Matsuoka-Motley (Japanese), Alex Hodges (TESOL)

Law and Society   Olivia Ivey

Literature   Martin ShapiroMary MintzAlex Hodges (Children and Young Adults)

Mathematics and Statistics   Rachel Borchardt

Mendeley   Jenise Overmier, Rachel Borchardt

Organizational Development   Olivia Ivey, Alex Hodges

Performing Arts   Nobue Matsuoka-Motley

Philosophy and Religion   Gwendolyn Reece, Martin Shapiro

Physics   Rachel Borchardt

Political Science   Olivia Ivey

Psychology   Rachel Borchardt

Public Administration   Olivia Ivey

Statistical Information

Stefan Kramer

Sociology   Nikhat Ghouse, Gwendolyn Reece

Women's and Gender Studies   Nikhat Ghouse, Martin Shapiro, Gwendolyn Reece

Zotero   Olivia Ivey, Michael Matos