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Curriculum Materials Center

Location: University Library, Third Floor, Room 312
Education Librarian:
Alex Hodges

Fall 2014 Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - midnight
Note: Fridays after 9pm beginning on Sept. 12
Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 9am - midnight

Classes are in session inside the CMC during the following days and times. While classes are in session, the CMC collections are inaccessible to library users.

4:00-5:00pm SETH Practicum Seminar (Prof. Jaffe)
5:30-8:00pm EDU 419/619: Children's Literature (Prof. Vasquez)

5:30-8:00pm EDU 603: Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (Prof. Crocker)

8:55-11:35am EDU 552: Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Education (Prof. Crocker)




The CMC collections support the curriculum of the School of Education, Teaching and Health (SETH). Types of publications with the CMC collections include the following:

  • Textbooks (K-12)
  • Curriculum frameworks
  • Lesson plans
  • Juvenile literature (children's and young adult)
  • Math manipulatives
  • DVDs and streaming media

Some of the supplementary materials (e.g. DVDs, videos) are located in Media Services, which is located on the University Library's lower level.


The CMC may be reserved for SETH courses, SETH student groups, or other education-related events.

Please email Alex Hodges to make a reservation.

Finding Curriculum Materials and Juvenile Literature:

Books and Media:

Teaching Guides and Lesson Plans:

ERIC Searching Hints:

  • EJ numbers refer to journal articles. Search the AU Library catalog by journal title to determine if the journal is owned in print at AU or another WRLC library. Search AU Library's Journal Finder to see if the journal is full text online.
  • ED numbers refer to ERIC documents. Some ERIC documents may be available as full text online in either version of ERIC. If the full text is unavailable online, take the ED number to the Reserves or Technology Services Desk on the library's lower level and ask for assistance with ERIC (MFiche 8) in the Microform Collections.

About the Collections:

Teaching Collection:
Physical items from this collection may be checked out by American University affiliates. The teaching collection materials are located just outside the door of Rm. 312 on the University Library's third floor. Others are welcome to use print materials or electronic databases on site.

  • Textbooks: Sample K-12 textbooks for language arts, social studies, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages and music are collected for teacher candidates to use for curricular lesson planning. Some teacher editions are placed on reserve at the lower level Reserves Desk (per publisher requirements).
  • Curriculum Development Library (Kraus) or KCDL Online: Most KCDL materials (curricula, frameworks, lesson plans, strategies, etc.) are indexed from 1986 to the present in KDCL Online (AU community only). The print indexes are located in the CMC Reference Collection at LB 1570.K73. KCDL materials not available full text online are available on microfiche (MFiche 76) on the library's lower level.
  • Additional curriculum guides are also located on the lower level as part of the ERIC microfiche collection (MFiche 8), and their ED numbers can be accessed by searching the free ERIC database. Also, suggested Web-based curriculum materials are listed on AU Library's Education Subject Guide.
  • Practitioner Literature: Practitioner literature includes idea and activity books, items noted as containing reproducible activities (such as science laboratory experiments), books emphasizing practical teaching methods, and books on developing behavioral objectives and lesson plans. Additional books collected include insightful teaching anecdotes/tips as well as those that contain suggestions for parents and beginning school administrators.
  • Audiovisual Materials and Other Nonprint Media: These include a variety of formats. DVDs are located in Media Services on the lower level. Math manipulatives are located in the CMC within the elephant shelving unit.

Larissa Gerstel Critical Literacy Collection (LGCLC):
Items from this collection may be checked out by American University affiliates. The LGCLC materials are located inside of Rm. 312 on the University Library's third floor. Others are welcome to use materials on site. To learn more about the history of this collection and the work of SETH alumna Larissa (Rozek) Gerstel, please visit this site.

  • Juvenile Literature: This 5,000+ collection of multicultural juvenile (children's and young adult) literature supports the School of Education, Teaching and Health's mission to introduce its students (and their eventual pupils) to issues of social justice and global understanding through the framework of critical literacy.
  • Fiction and nonfiction works are shelved in the CMC by their assigned Library of Congress call number. Children's and young adult fiction mostly are shelved at the PZ 7 call number. Nonfiction call numbers will differ depending on subject matter.

CMC Reference Collection:
The CMC Reference Collection is located to the right, upon entering inside of Rm. 312 on the University Library's third floor. Items from this collection may be used only on site by all users.

  • Reference Materials: Core teacher education reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes), guides and bibliographies for juvenile literature and their use in the classroom are available for consultation.
  • Tests in Microfiche: (1975-) are located on microfiche (MFiche 54) on the library's lower level along with annual annotated print indexes. Duplicate indexes are available for consultation in the CMC Reference Collection.