November 14th

Join us for AU's celebration of GIS Day with a talk given by Mikel Maron of Mapbox and the OpenStreetMap Foundation. 

OpenStreetMap has enabled nearly anyone to create and use geographic data to represent our world, and Mapbox has built on open source to bring beautiful interactive cartography to anyone’s hands. These tools have helped work towards solutions to our thorniest issues — like eliminating malaria and responding to disasters — sparking geographic collaborations between slum-dwellers and international organizations, students and governments. Let’s look at how open communities and tools function in detail, the problems they address, and how they critically rely on the guidance and participation of cartographers.

Mikel Maron leads the Community team at Mapbox, helping to grow the adoption of open geo data in humanitarian organizations, governments and education, and advancing work with OpenStreetMap. As Presidential Innovation Fellow at the US State Department Mikel drove OpenStreetMap adoption across federal agencies. He is co-founder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, co-founder of Map Kibera and GroundTruth Initiative and Board member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

This event is co-sponsored by the School of Communication, Environmental Studies, Metropolitan Policy Center, and Computer Science.

Light refreshments will be served.