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Support AU Library: About Friends

Who are Friends of AU Library?

Activities celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Jack I. and Dorothy G. Bender Library and Learning Resources Center in 1999 inspired the founding of Friends of American University Library. The Friends of AU Library is a community of alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, neighbors, businesses, associations, and other well-wishers with a strong commitment to the library's centrality to university life. The organization works to raise awareness and build support for the library. The Friends recognize the vital role the library plays in learning, teaching, and research.

Become a Friend of the AU Library today! By becoming a member of Friends of the AU Library, you demonstrate your support for the central role of the library in the intellectual life of the academic community, and you personally contribute to its growth.

Friends Help:

As a Friend of AU Library, your gift will help:

  • Fund innovative renovations, such as the new Graduate Research Center, to accommodate students' changing needs and update facilities to house our growing collections and the latest technology.
  • Enhance the library’s physical and electronic collections to support student learning in AU’s nationally recognized academic programs.
  • Maintain and expand the services provided by library staff for AU students and faculty to facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Acquire and conserve special collections of rare books, manuscripts and other items that spark imagination, provide unique research opportunities, and align with AU’s strategic scholarly strengths. These irreplaceable holdings currently include the Spinks collection of rare Japanese materials, the Martin arithmetic textbook collection, archives of the National Peace Corps Association, theatre playbills, and numerous other collections (link to: Special Collections).
  • Expand the capabilities of the online catalog, ALADIN, with its links to the collections of the eight-member Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC).
  • Support professional development for library personnel to meet the changing needs of AU’s vibrant academic community.