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Streaming Documentaries Challenge

Take the Media Services Streaming Doc Challenge! Become a documentary boss! Watch all 100 of these classic documentaries online, and you can have your name immortalized at Media Services. Bring a signed streaming documentary log to the Library Media Services desk to get your picture taken and put up on the Media Services Wall of Fame. All these titles are available streaming online to current AU students, faculty and staff.

The 100 Documentaries:
Documentary Title Distributor
3 Rooms of Melancholia D2
Act of Killing, The FP
Affluenza D2
Afrique, Je Te Plumerai CN
Anthropocene D2
Baboon Tales D2
Battle of Chile, Part 1 D2
Battle of Chile, Part 2 D2
Battleship Potemkin ASP
Berlin 1885 D2
Better This World D2
Blood in the Face ASP
Blood in the Mobile ASP
Blue Vinyl D2
Body Beautiful WMM
Central Park Five (Ken Burns), The FMG
Chain of Love D2
Chasing Ice FP
China Blue D2
Civil War (Ken Burns) FMG
Class Dismissed MEF
Classic Studies in Psychology FMG
Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter MEF
Detropia D2
Ethnic Notions FMG
Eyes on the Prize FMG
Faces of the Enemy CN
Family Album, The ASP
Family Business D2
Frank Lloyd Wright (Ken Burns) FMG
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask CN
Gangster's Paradise, A ASP
Goin' to Chicago CN
Gringo Trails D2
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats And Rhymes MEF
Huey Long FMG
If a Tree Falls D2
In Search of the Edge D2
Intolerable Burden, The D2
Jaguar (Jean Rouch) D2
Jazz: A film (Ken Burns) FMG
Jimi Plays Monterey ASP
Killing Us Softly 4 MEF
King Corn D2
Legend of Cool Disco Dan, The TUBI
Life and Debt NYF
Life and Times of Sara Baartman D2
Loving Story, The D2
Lumumba: La Mort Du Prophete CN
Maitres Fous D2
Malls R Us D2
Man With the Movie Camera ASP
Manufactured Landscapes ASP
Maquilapolis CN
Mobutu, King of Zaire D2
Monterey Pop ASP
Mr Civil Rights: Thurgood Marshall athe Supreme Court FMG
Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas anill Moyers, The FMG
Nanook of the North ASP
National Parks (Ken Burns), The FMG
Night Watchman, The D2
No Logo MEF
Not for Ourselves Alone (Ken Burns) FMG
One Bright Shining Moment ASP
Our Daily Bread D2
Our House D2
Pièces D'Identités CN
Plastic Paradise D2
Price of Aid, The D2
Prohibition (Ken Burns) FMG
Rachel Carson FMG
Reel Bad Arabs MEF
Road to Mecca, A D2
Selling Sickness D2
Semper Fi D2
Seventeen D2
Sociology is a Martial Art D2
Street Fight D2
Style Wars FMG
Tapped D2
The Price of Aid D2
This Is Nollywood CN
To Tell the Truth, A History of Documentary Film D2
Tongues Untied FMG
Tough Guise MEF
Town Bloody Hall ASP
Trinkets and Beads D2
Unfinished Spaces D2
Unforgivable Blackness (Ken Burns) FMG
Up Series, The FMG /ASP
Vietnam War (Ken Burns), The FMG
Waiting Room, The D2
War (Ken Burns), The FMG
Way West, The ASP
West (Ken Burns), The FMG
Which Way Home D2
Who Killed Vincent Chin? ASP
Winter Soldier Milestone
Worlds Apart D2
Yes Men Fix The World, The D2

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