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Digital Reserves Policy

Streaming audio reserves are made available for AU classes (including applied music courses) requiring library audio reserves. Access is provided through Canvas Learning System to registered students only. All audio items must be owned by the AU library. If the library does not own the items that the professor would like to use, every effort will be made to purchase the recordings in a timely manner. The library will not digitize personal copies of recordings or commercially available anthologies. The digital audio files on Canvas will be removed after the completion of the course or particular assignments in some cases.

Request Guidelines

  • Faculty should request digital reserves through the Course Reserves link in their course(s) Canvas page(s).
  • This generates a request for the Music Library Coordinator, who may be contacted via email with any questions or clarification. The Music Library Coordinator will contact faculty members when reserves requests are made available on Canvas.

Tips for Using Digital Reserves for Classes

  • Many musical examples used for courses can be found in our streaming audio resources. Anyone interested in integrating these items into Canvas should contact the Music Library Coordinator for instructions or assistance.
  • It is a violation of the University's Computer Use and Copyright Policy to upload or download unauthorized copyrighted materials. Posting downloadable files (PDF, mp3, and other file types) on Canvas is not permitted. For further details on library reserves and copyright, please see the library's Course Reserves page.