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Feature Fridays Angles by Jon Ozment

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CD cover - Angles by Jon Ozment

I would like to review a staple jazz album from one of AU’s own music professors, Jon Ozment. Jon has been a D.C. based performer, composer, and producer for the past 20 years and currently teaches Piano and Jazz for the Department of Performing arts. Angles, released in 2001, contains 7 original compositions and an array of unique jazz sounds from different movements in the genre.

The title track, “Angles”, starts with a saxophone-heavy rhythmic style that’s energetic and punch-y. Ozment’s piano melody shines in the middle of the track, reminiscent of a busy traffic intersection on a sunny day. “Angles” is a display of both his musical talent and precision in composition. Another stand-out song for the album is Ozment’s rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)” and provides a slow, romantic mood. The track adds depth and melancholy to the album, soothing the listener with soft percussion and more enchanting piano.

Angles will take you on a journey through the world of jazz music, making it a necessity for anyone looking to expand their horizons and learn more about it. Upon first listen it’s obvious how much care Jon Ozment puts into his craft. Whether you’re a jazz connoisseur or just getting to know the genre, this album will be both entertaining and educational.

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