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AU Library has got Game(s)

AU Library has got Game(s)

Here’s the Verdict (AUGAME 46): games are the best summer pastime! GO! (AUGAME 43/44) to the basement of the library and you’ll be transported to a Bazaar (AUGAME 48), or maybe Camelot (AUGAME 50), or even an Andean Abyss (AUGAME 34) by checking out one of the games in our sizable collection! Stop the War on Terror (AUGAME 27) or make some Easy Money (AUGAME 41.) The possibilities are endless. Check out some of our favorites below:

Timeline (AUGAME 39)—Which was invented first: eyeglasses or the light bulb? Test your knowledge of the recent past with Timeline, a fun and easy card game about inventions and historical accuracy.

Dixit (AUGAME 51)—A strikingly designed and easy to learn game, Dixit should be at the top of your list of games to play this summer. Grab a few friends and enter an abstract world, concocting clues based upon cards featuring beautiful drawings; see who can trick their opponents and guess their way to victory!

Pandemic (AUGAME 05)—In this board game, players work cooperatively instead of competitively. With each player in a randomly selected role, they must work together to stop the spread of four diseases in separate regions of the world. The Pandemic: On The Brink (AUGAME 06) and Pandemic: In The Lab (AUGAME 07) expansion sets are also available for checkout.

Settlers of Catan (AUGAME 08)—The game that arguably started the recent table top trend, Settlers of Catan pits you against your friends in a race to colonize the island of Catan. While creating roads, settlements, and cities with your collected resources, you must also effectively block your opponents from building across the board.

Tales of Arabian Nights (AUGAME 38)—If you’re a fan of “choose your own adventure” books, this game’s for you. In Tales of Arabian Nights, you’re the hero/heroine and you’ll choose your own destiny. There is a winner, but the game is less about who wins or loses and more about the story that gets told and events that unfold. Will you fulfil your destiny?

Agricola (AUGAME 24)—Consistently voted one of the best games by; in Agricola you’re a farmer trying to expand your farm. You choose which plants/materials you want to harvest/collect and whether or not to expand your family to help with work on the farm. At the end of 14 rounds, the best and most stable farm wins.

Twilight Struggle (AUGAME 17)—The HIGHEST ranked board game on, Twilight Struggle is a thematic card-driven game for two people. The game focuses around the tension of the Cold War, as one player represents the United States and the other represents the Soviet Union.

Labyrinth (AUGAME 30)—Labyrinth takes one or two players inside the Islamist Jihad and the global war on terror. Similar to Twilight Struggle, the two person version has one player representing Islamist Jihad and the other player representing the United States. Easy to play and with a broad scope, Labyrinth will leave you thinking about the ideological struggles at hand.

Remember: if you’re looking for some old classics, we’ve got those too. From Twister (AUGAME 13), to Scrabble (AUGAME 19), Risk (AUGAME 02), Chess (AUGAME 15) and, of course, Monopoly (AUGAME 11), our collection has so much to offer. Cool off in the MudBox Cafe with a few friends and spend the afternoon playing board games!

Check out the Board Games board on our Pinterest page to explore all current titles in our collection, as well as to see their availability. If you find a game you like, just drop by the desk on the Lower Level of the Library. Since the games are kept behind the Reserves and Technology Borrowing Desk, it is important to have not only your AU ID, but also the call number of the game. All games are available for a 3-day loan with no renewals. Games must be returned directly to the Course Reserves desk; if the desk is closed, they may also be returned to the Information Desk on the first floor. Games should not be returned to the front book drop or the Borrowing Desk. Overdue fines are $1 per day.

For more information on the Library’s games collection, you can go to the Course Reserves and Technology Borrowing desk. You can also contact us by calling 202-882-3231 or e-mailing