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Staff Profile: Christine Weidner

Secret Lives: Christine Weidner

The seventh article in this profile series offers a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at Christine Weidner, a student worker turned Library Operations Specialist, who is about to depart for the next step in her academic career—an MA/PhD program!

Fin-tastic Collection Highlights for Shark Week

Fin-tastic Collection Highlights for Shark Week

Sink your teeth into our Shark Week collection highlights. AU Library has picture books, streaming videos, and scholarly works relating to everyone’s favorite apex predator.

Once Upon a Library

Once Upon a Library

June 24th is International Fairy Day. Delight your inner child with some of the Library’s fairytale-related material.

Break out the Popcorn

10 Epic Summer Blockbusters Available at the AU Library

Summer is the season for big budget blockbuster releases and a great time to re-watch some of your favorites, or see some classics that are new to you. Stop by AU Library Media Services to borrow one of these titles.

Partner Collections

Building Partnerships with Technical Services

Bender Library currently supports four partner collections across campus, which are all housed and maintained by their respective departments, but incorporated into the library’s catalog so that their materials are easy for AU users to find and access.

Alayne Mundt

Librarian Profile: Alayne Mundt

Dedicated to making information more accessible, Resource Description Librarian Alayne Mundt works through the codes and standards needed to make the Library catalog useful and useable.