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Going Abroad? Meet Pronunciator

Pronunciator; learn a new language

Planning to study abroad and wondering how you're going to going to find time to brush up on your language skills? Looking for a convenient way to structure your study time? Simply love languages and want to try learning a new one? Meet Pronunciator, our new online language-learning tool. Pronunciator offers instruction for 80 languages that can be taken from any of the 50 starting languages. This range of permutations means that a Spanish speaker can learn Chinese, a Thai speaker can learn Russian, or a Japanese speaker can learn German (just to name a few).

Pronunciator focuses on the language of everyday situations, so you can begin with the essentials, like food or transportation, and then build on that foundation at your own pace. With Pronunciator by your side, you'll be able to ask for directions, order a drink, and communicate with your host family in no time!

Pronunciator's free mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire lets you take your lessons with you. It also features thousands of downloadable audio lessons and phrasebooks, so you can access the tools you need—even while you're offline.

One of Pronunciator's most useful features is the real-time pronunciation analysis tool. All you need is a microphone and Pronunciator will help you test your accent. Especially useful If you're learning a tonal language like Chinese, where pitch can completely change the meaning of a word. Use Pronunciator to help you avoid ending up at a book store, when you really want to visit the library.

If you're planning a trip make sure you check out one of their 8-week travel-prep courses. You'll be conversational before you know it. Bon voyage!