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ORCID explained in under 5 minutes

Why do I need one?

ORCID iDs are used by publishers, funders, associations and other organizations to make sure your work is correctly attributed to you, to unambiguously differentiate you from other scholars with the same name, and to streamline workflows such as submitting and reviewing journal articles, applying for funding, and more:

  • Globally unique, permanent identifier that stays with you for life, independent of name or institutional affiliation changes
  • Takes only a few minutes to create
  • You own your ORCID iD, not your employer or publisher

Create/Connect ORCID iD

Note: Requires AU login. This will allow AU (Library) to read from/write to your ORCID profile in the future. You can always revoke this permission.

AU faculty already using ORCID:

and dozens of additional faculty members!

Amanda Click


Kathleen Holton


Mary Hansen


Nikhat Ghouse


Stefano Costanzi