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Vendor Trial Policy

What is a vendor trial?

A vendor trial is a limited period of free access to an electronic resource. An electronic resource may be a database, an electronic journal or book, or other online library material requiring a subscription to access it (see some examples here).

Who can set up a vendor trial?

Trials must be set up by the library. Teaching faculty interested in a trial must work with a librarian, preferably a subject librarian for their department or school.

Why do we set up a trial?

The purpose of a trial is to assess the resource's value for purchase. The Library will not set up trials for a one-time individual need.

What criteria do we use to assess a resource's value?

Here are the factors we consider:

  • Does the resource improve the overall collection?
  • Would the resource get broad use?
  • What are the costs?
  • Does it work with our discovery system?
  • Is it ADA compliant?
  • Is access by ip address or single-sign on available?
How do I request a vendor trial?

Submit a Trial Request Form.

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