Known Issues with Blackboard Learn 9.1

You may encounter bugs or issues as you use Blackboard. We apologize for the inconvenience. Below you will find a list of the issues we have encountered, any workarounds for them, and the status of the fix.

Buttons not Working When Grading Test

Only the "Save and Next" or "Submit" blue buttons are working. All other buttons, including Exit, Save & Exit, previous student and Next student are not functional. This is happening in all browsers, and in multiple courses. We are working with Blackboard to resolve the issue.

Work Around: Using "Save and Next" and clicking "Leave the Page" button will save your changes and allow you to move onto next student's submission.

Cursor and Screen Jumps to the Last Question on Test

There is currently a glitch in Blackboard that causes the cursor do jump between Essay/Short Answer questions whenever Blackboard auto-saves the question, which is about every minute or so. We are working with Blackboard to resolve the issue.

Work Around: Instructors, If you are giving an exam/quiz in Blackboard that has multiple Essay/Short Answer question please make sure the exam/quiz is set to show the questions "One at a Time" under Test Presentation section when creating the test/quiz. If you already set up the test you can change the setting from "All at Once" to "One at a Time" by going to the test/quiz link and clicking "Edit the Test Options" from the item menu. Students, If you run into the jumping cursor glitch in an exam/test/quiz you can type out your answer in a different text editor (Word, Notepad, etc) and copy and paste the answer to avoid the issue.

Inline Grading does not save last comment.

There is a know issue where when using Inline-Grading screen to enter comments the last comment will not be saved when you submit or move to a new item. To remedy this please click anywhere inside the Crocodoc frame that is displaying the document to save the last comment before moving on. There is no official fix for the issue.

Mobile Devices and Course Reserves

There is an issue related to screen size and orientation where Course Reserves will not display properly on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The error causes part of the page to appear cut off and user is unable to scroll. There is currently no solution available. Please use non-mobile platform when accessing Course Reserves.

Students are not able to view Grades if they have an Assignment marked as Exempt with feedback

There is a known issue that limits a student’s view of their course gradebook if they have been exempted from an assignment while given feedback with that assignment. There is currently no solution available but the error is expected to be resolved with an updated release. Until then, instructors please refrane from giving students feedback for exempted assignments.


For any other issues with Blackboard, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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