Inside the Beltway

Metrocentered: Farragut North

5 stops from Tenleytown-AU

alumni in Farragut Square
Jeff Watts
Noah Black

Noah Black SPA/BA '05

Vice president of public affairs, Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities

Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers CAS/MA '15

Public history fellow, White House Historical Association

Jared Farber

Jared Farber Kogod/MBA '06

Director of digital marketing, Washington Post

Isel Galvan

Isel Galvan SOC/BA '10

Digital strategist, Delucchi Plus

Emily Roseman

Emily Roseman SOC/BA '12

Video producer, Associated Press

Philip Coyle

Philip Coyle CAS/BS '15

Research assistant, US Chamber of Commerce

Rachel Wojnilower

Rachel Wojnilower CAS/BA '08

Digital marketing manager, Golden Triangle Business Improvement District