Inside the Beltway

Metrocentered: McPherson Square

7 stops from Tenleytown-AU

alumni at McPherson Square in downtown DC
Jeff Watts
Joanna Capps

Joanna Capps CAS/MA '15,

Director of education, White House Historical Association

Amy Schultz

Amy Schultz SIS/BA '08

Policy advisor, US Department of the Treasury

Lucy Crowley Paiva

Lucy Crowley Paiva CAS/BA '10, CAS/MA '17

Director of marketing, White House Historical Association 

Jessica Fredericks

Jessica Fredericks SOC/MA '14

Director of communications, White House Historical Association

Evan Phifer

Evan Phifer CAS/MA '15

Research historian, White House Historical Association 

Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips SPA/MPA '09

IT performance and governance analyst, US Department of the Treasury