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American University Expert Available to Comment on AT&T-Time Warner Merger


Margot Susca
Professorial Lecturer, American University School of Communication



Available to discuss the approval of the merger between AT&T and Time Warner implications of media consolidation. Susca has appeared as a commentator to discussthe merger and has also written about the consolidation of television news and Disney’s merger with Fox.


She’s the author of Disney’s potential 21st Century Fox merger continues troubling trend of media consolidation, where she wrote, “consider how a stronger China-U.S. media alliance could impact U.S. films, television and news. Would American media companies be hesitant to cover human rights violations, factory conditions or pollution in Asia for fear that they would anger the Chinese government and, therefore, lose bargaining power and access to audiences? What gets left out of coverage is sometimes as important as what makes it in. If just four companies get to decide, we should all be concerned.”



June 13 – ongoing



Via email or telephone. Contact for TV availability.