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Fantastic Pokémon and Where to Find Them at AU

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A screen shot of Pokemon Koffing and Spearow
Gotta catch 'em all? AU's campus is teeming with Pokémon.

As a designated arboretum, AU’s campus is an urban oasis of leafy trees and colorful flowers tucked into our own corner of Northwest Washington, D.C.

No wonder then, that along with squirrels, birds, and other fauna (including our metaphorical donkeys and elephants!), AU’s grounds are teeming with Pokémon.

Walk across campus and with practically every step, you stumble upon common Pokémon such as Rattata, Zubat, Paras, and Spearow.

But keep your eyes open! For safety reasons and to be aware of your surroundings, of course, but also so you won’t miss the Seel—a less commonly-found Pokémon (bonus: it’s adorable).

Screenshots of Pokemon Seel and Veronat

Seel and Venonat are among the Pokémon on campus.

On campus, PokéStops are as abundant as Rattata. The more than 30 stops range from plaques marking an item or place, to statues, signs, and buildings or other formally-named spaces on campus. 

While you're visiting PokéStops, don't be surprised if you also come across some AU Public Safety officers. "We've briefed our officers on it, and they love stopping by PokéStops to chat with players," said Will Sowers, University Police captain. 

Sowers reminds AU Pokémon trainers that if they see anyone or anything suspicious while playing Pokémon GO on campus, they should call University Police at 202-885-3636.

A map pinpointing all of the Pokestops on American University's Campus, courtsey of AU's Housing and Dining Programs.

A map of the numerous PokéStops on AU's main campus, courtesy of AU Housing and Dining Programs.

In addition, there is one Pokémon gym on main campus, with another located near AU’s Washington College of Law at Tenley. Two more gyms flank campus.

Below, select screen shots of the some of the different Pokémon, PokéStops, and Pokémon gyms at/near AU.

Screen shots of Pokemon Goldeen and Paras on American University's campus.

Goldeen and Paras also feel at home on the Quad.

Screen shots of Pokestops Stars the Carousel Donkey statue and Stripes the Carousel Elephant statue on American University's campus.

Stars and Stripes (the donkey and elephant statues outside of the Quad side of the School of Public Affairs) are just two of the more than 30 PokéStops at AU.

Screen shots of Pokemon gyms on or near American University: the JFK memorial and the Wesley Theological Seminary Bell Tower.

The JFK Memorial on campus (located near Reeves Field in commemoration of JFK delivering "A Strategy of Peace" at AU in 1963) is home to one Pokémon gym, while the Bell Tower at Wesley Theological Seminary is another.

Screen shots of Pokegyms near American University and the American University Washington College of Law: one at the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church and the other at the statue at St. Ann Roman Catholic Church on Yuma Street.

The gym near AU's Washington College of Law at Tenley is the statue at St. Ann Roman Catholic Church on Yuma Street. Another gym near AU's main campus is at the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church.