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Middle States

Self-Study Timeline

2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014


Faculty co-chair and administrative co-chair of self-study selected.
AU representatives attend Middle States Self-Study Institute in Philadelphia.

Dec. - Feb.

Provost appoints self-study steering committee
Co-chairs work with President, Provost, Cabinet, Vice Provosts, and Deans to decide general organization of the self-study

Feb. Steering Committee meets for first time. Schedule for Steering Committee is developed.
March - April Steering Committee prepares Design for Self-Study. The Committee prepares charges for each subcommittee and finalizes subcommittee membership.
Co-chair meets with University Publications, Web developers, and event personnel to orient them to Self-Study process.
Provost, self-study co-chairs, and others begin regular updates to Cabinet, Division directors, governance bodies and others about self-study process.
May May 2, Design is sent to Middle States representative. May 16, visit by Middle States representative.
June - Aug. Submission of final Design to MSCHE.

Compile support materials for each Subcommittee.
Organize SharePoint sites and revise Middle States website.
Orientation provided for administrative support personnel working with each subcommittee. Personnel work with Subcommittee Co-Chairs to organize and plan meeting schedule.
Sept. - Dec.

Subcommittee members oriented. Subcommittees meet to draft their chapters. The Steering Committee meets every three weeks to review subcommittee progress, finalize the draft of chapter one (introduction) and draft the introductory chapter on Mission, Planning and Resources. The Steering Committee sets final deadlines for each of the draft chapters.  

Jan. - Feb.

Subcommittees finalize their reports.

Feb. - Jun.

Steering Committee meets every two weeks to review draft chapters and to compile the first draft of self-study report. The Subcommittees meet, as necessary, to address Steering Committee questions and comments.


The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and University Publications complete revisions. A sub team of Steering Committee members meet to plan public comment meetings, communications, etc. Institutional Research and Assessment works with the President’s Office, IT personnel and University Communications to coordinate logistics for the comment period. Public comment feedback mechanisms (emails, websites, etc.) are activated (similar to the processes used to solicit feedback for the Strategic Plan.)

Oct. - Nov.

The draft report is distributed to the university community and others via electronic means. Hard copies are available upon request and at key sites (such as the university libraries, residence halls, and Mary Graydon Center.) Public comments on Self-Study report. In addition to hosting two town hall meetings, steering committee representatives meet with:

Board of Trustees
President’s Council
Provost’s Council
Division staff meetings
Faculty Senate
Staff Council
Graduate Leadership Council
Student Council
School/College Faculty Meetings

Steering Committee begins to revise report based on community feedback. AU hosts the visiting team chair.

Nov. - Dec.

Accommodations for the visiting team are finalized

Jan. - Feb.

Steering Committee prepares final self-study report. Final approval provided by Board of Trustees.
University Publications publishes final document. Submit final Self-Study report to Middle States six weeks prior to site visit. Put together meeting schedule for site visit.

March or April

Middle States site visit

Apr. - May



Committee on Evaluation Reports meets in Philadelphia and MSCHE Full Commission meets.


Review Commission Action

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