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Dr. Edele speaking to the audience with his book's table of contents on the screen.

International ·

Dr. Mark Edele "Stalinism at War" book talk

Dr. Mark Edele explains the insights in his book "Stalinism at War: The Soviet Union in WWII."
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Solar panels in China

International ·

How China's Commitment to Coercive Policies Guide Environment and Public Health

As China has risen to superpower status in recent years, the authoritarian government has been working overtime to extend its control and influence through environmental and public policies and international investments.
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Glover Gate POB KSB Quad

Announcement ·

Scholarships Empower Education for Four SOE Students

The Karin A. Akerson Memorial Scholarship Fund creates more affordable education for four future teachers.
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A person sitting on a hill watching the sunset

Research ·

Cultivating Gratitude: An Interview with Professor Tony Ahrens

During this season of thanks, professor offers advice on how to approach the holidays mindfully and with gratitude
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Green Office mugs

Education ·

Green Office Program Revamped

How environmentally friendly is your AU or home office?  Help expand the sustainability practices in your workplace by participating in the Green Office Program.
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Washington D.C. march

Research ·

Democratic Erosion Consortium Wins $1.7 Million State Department Grant

SPA Associate Professor Laura Paler part of team working to understand global democratic erosion and develop evidence-based policy recommendations to counteract it.
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Portraits of Pamela Wright and Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Technology ·

American University Celebrates NARA’s Pamela Wright for Outstanding Leadership in Inclusivity and Technology Policy

Pamela Wright, the first Chief Innovation Officer of the National Archives and Records Administration, was honored today with American University’s Inclusive Technology Policy Changemaker Award.
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Graceland Album Art

Arts ·


A look at Graceland, the 2004 reissue of the 1986 album by Paul Simon.
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Paroma Mehta in the radio station studio

Student Life ·

Around the World in 808s – Sharing Culture through Music

Paroma Mehta (SIS/BA '22) started a radio show at American University that highlights cultural influences through music.
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Charles Lewis, Credit: IMF Photo/Stephen Jaffe

Communications ·

Chuck Lewis: A Legacy of Impact

After 16 years at American University School of Communication (AU SOC), Chuck Lewis retires as professor and Executive Editor of IRW.
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