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Take the Foreign Language Placement Exam

This test is designed to assess students’ abilities in a foreign language. To enroll in a language course, students with previous background or knowledge of a foreign language must first take the appropriate placement exam and report the results to their academic advisor for review. The results of this test will allow advisors to accurately place students in the appropriate language level course.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to take this test for every language?

This test must be taken for any language that you have previous background in or knowledge of if you would like to continue studying that language.

Does every language have a test?

All languages offered at American University have a test, some tests are available online while others must be taken in person.

What if I take the test but don't enroll in a class right away, do I need to take the test again?

Placement exam results are valid for one semester. Students may not take the exam more than once within a 4 month period.

What if I score lower than I believe I should, can I retake the test?

Yes, students can retake the test but they must wait one semester to do so.

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