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Title IX

Student Conduct Procedures

Referring a Case to Student Conduct

According to the American University Student Conduct Code, any AU student, faculty, or staff member may refer an AU student, student group, or organization suspected of violating the Student Conduct Code.

The Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services staff are available to discuss incidents alleging violations by students who do not attend AU, but we cannot process those in our office. We may be able to provide information on available resources related to the incident. If the person alleged to have committed the violation is a faculty or staff member at AU, you should consult with the Dean of Academic Affairs or Human Resources, respectively.

Additionally, if you have a case that includes sexual misconduct or hate/bias-related behavior, please note that we have information especially pertinent to those violations below.

See detailed instructions on how to refer a case

Confidentiality of Records

Records of informal and formal complaints will be maintained by the Responsible Official who received and handled the complaint. Complaints against faculty, staff, or students that result in a personnel or disciplinary action will also be a part of the respondent’s personnel or disciplinary record. All records are confidential with access only to individuals with a legitimate need to know. Records of complaints will be kept on file in accordance with the University’s records and retention policy. [See AU's Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy]