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Meet the SI leaders

Hannah (Astronomy)

Hannah is currently a Senior, studying Physics and Japanese. She has been a lifelong lover of stars and plans pursuing a career in gravitational wave and optical physics. She has conducted research at AU's Thermal Noise Lab and abroad at the University of Tokyo for the ongoing search for gravitational waves. Her passion for astronomy and her research experiences have prepared her to be a capable SI leader for Astronomy.


Sarah Y. (Accounting)

Sarah is currently a senior, majoring in Psychology and Business Administration. This is her fourth semester working as an SI leader for Managerial Accounting. As a CAS student she knows that Accounting does not come naturally to all people, so she hopes to foster an increased appreciation of T-accounts and costing processes through her SI sessions. 


Matt (Chemistry)

Matt is currently a Junior Biochemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences. This is his fourth semester as an SI leader, third for chemistry. Being the science nerd he is, Matt enjoys making chemistry less scary and more fun and exciting for people. Besides working in the chemistry labs here at AU, Matt enjoys video game parties with his friends, ruining movie science for his friends, and Japanese comics. Matt is currently the secretary of the Student Historical Society. He still isn't quite sure how he won the election for that position but he thinks it has to do with running unopposed.


Devin (Microeconomics)

Devin is currently a Junior studying International Relations and Economics with a focus on International Political Economy. This is Devin's second year as an SI Leader and he thoroughly enjoys discussing and teaching economics. He is active on campus as the treasurer for the National Honor Fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, as well as serving as the Vice-President of Zeta Psi.


Quinn (Chemistry)

Quinn is a graduating senior completing a degree in Public Health and a minor in Biochemistry. A second-year Supplemental Instructor for Organic Chemistry, Quinn is in her element, periodically helping students with bonds, electrons and reactions! She is involved with AU Ambassadors, Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity, and the Women's Club Volleyball Team. She looks forward to pursuing a Master's of Public Health post-graduation studying Bioethics and Health Law.


Maha (Accounting)

Maha is currently pursuing her Masters in Accounting and is looking forward to another semester of being an SI for Financial Accounting. This is her second semester as an SI Leader, and is excited to be back! It was her Financial Accounting class in sophomore year that convinced her to pursue accounting and she hopes that she can help other students learn to enjoy the subject too!


Michael (Statistics)

Michael is currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Mathematics and Economics. This is his first year as an SI Leader and he is very excited to help students better understand the wonderful language of statistics. Along with being an SI Leader, Michael is a proud brother of Alpha Phi Omega community service fraternity. Michael doesn't know what he wants in the future, but it will involve working with the economy in some capacity.


Monika (Chemistry)

Monika is a senior Biochemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences. This is her second semester working as a General Chemistry SI leader. She enjoys helping students work through their "chemical" frustrations and learn to appreciate the applicability of chemistry in their daily lives! Monika will be attending medical school in the fall of 2015, but until then, you are sure to find her on campus either in Beeghly or at the gym.


Ben (Economics)

Ben is a Senior studying Physics with a minor in Economics and Mathematics. The ability to tinker with our natural world is the real reason he became a physics major with an interest in pursuing materials science. Sharing his love of learning with others is what inspired his becoming an SI leader for macroeconomics. He is excited to help guide students into understanding the global and national economy.


Jessica (Accounting)

Jessica is a Sophomore majoring in Accounting. This is her first semester as an SI Leader and she is very excited to spread the love of Accounting! She hopes to create a fun learning environment for students to enjoy and to succeed in Financial Accounting.


Matt (Accounting)

Matt is currently a junior studying finance and international studies. He has a demonstrated passion for financial markets and international business. This past summer he held an international internship with a real estate firm in Mumbai, India. As someone who has professional experience in finance and accounting he hopes to use real world applications to help students better comprehend their coursework.


Jeremy (Economics)

Jeremy is a Junior studying Math/Econ and International Studies. He is an avid soccer fan and referees High School and adult soccer around the DC area. Although he may not be able to make "the dismal science" your favorite subject, he became an SI hoping to help students see that Economics can be interesting, and maybe even important enough to warrant not falling asleep during class. Maybe.


Lia (Economics)

Lia is a Sophomore studying International Relations with a concentration on the global economy. A combined love of economics, culture, and travel is what initially interested her in the subject. After having a great SI her Freshman year, as well as a great semester in microeconomics, Lia decided that she should try her hand at it. This is currently her first semester as an SI, and she is very excited to start working with the students.


Sara (Accounting)

Sara is a sophomore studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship. Sara is excited to be a SI Leader, as she wants everyone to be able to feel that they can learn difficult subjects, like accounting, and maybe even grow a passion for it.


Kylenn (Accounting)

Kylenn is a Senior pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with specializations in Finance &Accounting. He's originally from Point Pleasant, West Virginia (home of the legendary Mothman for sci-fi fanatics). He is interested in corporate finance and accounting based decisions, which is why he became the SI for Managerial Accounting. He hopes to someday start his own business. If you ever want to talk accounting (or basketball, or hiking, or Mothman), he's your guy!

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