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Co-Sponsorship Request Form


The Center for Diversity & Inclusion welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor & publicize on-campus activities. There are two types of co-sponsorships available. At this time, we are not able to co-sponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you are considering application, please thoroughly read the descriptions below and on the first page of the co-sponsorship form check the type of request which best fits your needs.

If you are also interested in having your event be listed for a specific heritage month, please go to our heritage month page for more information.

Co-Sponsorship Types & Requirements

If approved for any of the co-sponsorship types listed below, you will need to include the Center for Diversity & Inclusion logo on publicity materials, provide the Center with a flyer and Facebook event information.

To be eligible for a Center for Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsorship:

  • You must be a Student Activities recognized student group or an AU Office/Department
  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole AU community
  • The program must align with the Center's mission and goals

If you are eligible choose from the following types of co-sponsorship:

Marketing Co-Sponsorship

Financial Co-Sponsorship

Programming Co-Sponsorship

Marketing assistance only

Both marketing & financial
assistance needed

Plan and implement the event
with the help of CDI Staff.
Includes either or both
marketing & financial assistance

Due 2 weeks before event

Due 3 weeks before event

Due 4 weeks before event

***Awards up to $150 will be given to those who meet the above criteria and fill out the co-sponsorship form. Most awards will not be given the full amount of $150, so please plan accordingly.

Please fill out the form below to submit your co-sponsorship request. You may also print out the form and hand it into Kerry Diekmann in the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Mary Graydon Center Room 202. If you have any additional information or content please attach it to the form at the time of the request.

Request Form

Please choose the appropriate co-sponsorship above (check all that apply).
Is your room reservation confirmed through University Event Scheduling (UES)?
This will be included in our newsletter and for social media (2 - 3 sentences maximum).

How will you advertise/market the event? (event flyer, Facebook, Today@AU, etc).

Facebook Event or other Web link

If you would like this event to also be on one of the Heritage Month programming lists online, please select the heritage month. Skip if not applicable.

Please input your organization's financial contribution to your event

Please put the amount you would like CDI to contribute. If no CDI contribution is needed, please put 0 or n/a.

Please list other co-sponsors and their financial contributions.

If necessary, do you have a contract signed? If not, please explain.

By clicking on I agree, you agree that you are an authorized representative of your organization and this is acting as your signature.