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Co-Sponsorship Requests

Please review the below co-sponsorship request guidelines before filling out our online Co-Sponsorship Request Form.


The Center for Diversity & Inclusion welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor & publicize on-campus activities. There are two types of co-sponsorships available. At this time, we are not able to co-sponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you are considering application, please thoroughly read the descriptions below and on the first page of the co-sponsorship form check the type of request which best fits your needs.

Co-Sponsorship Types & Requirements

If approved for any of the co-sponsorship types listed below, you will need to include the Center for Diversity & Inclusion logo on publicity materials, provide the Center with a flyer and Facebook event information.

To be eligible for a Center for Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsorship:

  • You must be a Student Activities recognized student group or an AU Office/Department
  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole AU community
  • The program must align with the Center's mission and goals

If you are eligible choose from the following types of co-sponsorship:

Marketing Co-Sponsorship

Financial Co-Sponsorship

Programming Co-Sponsorship

Marketing assistance only

Both marketing & financial
assistance needed

Plan and implement the event
with the help of CDI Staff.
Includes either or both
marketing & financial assistance

Due 2 weeks before event

Due 3 weeks before event

Due 4 weeks before event

***Awards up to $150 will be given to those who meet the above criteria and fill out the co-sponsorship form. Most awards will not be given the full amount of $150, so please plan accordingly.

Please fill out our online form to submit your co-sponsorship request. If you have questions about the form or about our selection process please contact us by email, by calling us at 202-885-3651, or by stopping by the Center in Mary Graydon Center Room 201/202.