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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Trans 101 Workshop

Trans 101 training will provides faculty, staff, and students with information and tools to work with transgender people, including a review of gender/gender identity/gender expression, an overview of current issues facing the trans community, and effective ally behaviors. Interested participants must have completed the Safe Space workshop prior to registering for this training.

2016-2017 Schedule

  • Thursday July 28th, 1-4pm
  • Tuesday October 25th, 1-4pm
  • Thursday November 10th, 1-4pm
  • Wednesday February 1st, 1-4pm
  • Monday March 20th, 1-4pm
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If you have trouble registering for a workshop, please contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at or 202-885-3651.

Requesting a Workshop for Your Office or Organization

If you would like to request a specific workshop for your office or organization, please email or call 202-885-3651. All requests need to have a minimum of 10 participants and be requests at least two weeks in advance of the required date.

Trans101 Toolkit

This section provides resources for those individuals interested in learning more or digging deeper surrounding issues and information related to Trans identities. 

You can also find similar resources on our Safe Space page.

If you have a resource you think might be relevant, please email

One Word - Episode 19: Prounouns (Trans) - WatchCutVideo,

This is a great video to expand on why pronouns are so important to trans folks.

National Center for Transgender Equality

This is a great website with tons of information on relevant issues for trans folks and anti-trans/discriminatory legislation that is coming up on local and national levels.

Trans Terminology Guide - National Center for Transgender Equality

There are a lot of terminology guides online for those confused about LGBTQIA+ terminology. This is just one of them, but provides definitions which we also examine throughout the Trans 101 workshop.

DC Human Rights Law

This is one of the most extensive human rights laws in the United States and provides protections for trans individuals in the DC area.

How to be a Trans Ally - Jackson Bird & Ashley Mardell

There are also multiple youtubers who document their transition (in the many forms it can take) and their experience being trans. This list is by no means exhaustive, but provides some really excellent example for those who want to learn more.

Jackson Bird

Ashley Mardell

Kat Blaque

Julie Vu