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Connect with resources regarding sexual and reproductive health! Please know that on campus, the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center (HPAC)is a fantastic, accessible resource for AU students on campus. The OASIS: Confidential Victim Advocacy is an additional resource for students!

Contraception and Abortion Resources

Pleasure Resources

Internalized Oppression Resources

Anatomy Resources

  • The Way We Think About Biological Sex Is Wrong – Emily Quinn Ted Talk 
    • Emily speaks to her intersex identity and outlines the structural issues with how biological sex is constructed around a binary.
  • Sex as a Spectrum - Learn more about the science behind visualizing sex as a spectrum. 
  • Sex Explained (Netflix) - A documentary series narrated by Janelle Monáe that goes into a number of topics relating to sex including anatomy and reproductive systems. 
  • Visible Body - This site has numerous anatomy lessons and interactive 3D models for you to explore and learn more about human anatomy.
  • Duvet Days - A virtual gallery of artist depictions of anatomy as a form of empowerment. 

STI Resources

Consent, Relationships, and Violence Resources