Health Equity Internship

The aim of this site is to provide accessible content about sexual and reproductive health that is inclusive and useful for all students! The first Health Equity Intern saw a gap within the sexual health education of their peers at AU- particularly for queer and QTPOC (queer and trans people of color). This website was created as a way for all students to have access to information about sexual health in an instant. We hope this project will grow and evolve to give everyone access to information to better their health.

Please remember that this information is not provided by a healthcare provider. Always consult your provider about your individual healthcare questions. Check out our resources pages for some health care providers in the DMV. Additionally, check out the Health Promotion and Advocacy Center website for more resources available at American University. 

The Body: Anatomy and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Learn more about reproductive anatomy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


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Learn more about different types of contraception available.

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Consent, Relationships, and Dating Violence

Learn about the importance of consent and healthy relationships, & resources for those experiencing interpersonal violence. 

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Learn more about the concept of pleasure and the link between this concept and sexual health. 

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Internalized Oppression and Sex

Explore the impact of internalized oppression and its impact on how we learn and talk about sex. 


Resources and FAQs

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