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Frequently Asked Questions on Counseling Services for 2020-2021

There are many mental health challenges associated with the impact that COVID-19 is having on AU and the world. Given the need for social distancing, the dispersal of our campus community for online learning, and state regulations governing mental health services, we have moved to a hybrid model of functioning, which we believe puts us in the best position to support our community at this time.

For additional questions about AU's response to COVID-19 (including academics and campus support services), visit the community FAQ

Yes, the Counseling Center is open. We will be offering our services both in-person and virtually.

The Counseling Center is open during the academic year on Monday and Thursday: 9 AM-6 PM and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 AM- 5 PM. Starting August 16, 2021 we will be providing both in-person and virtual services.  

Crisis intervention is available 24 hours a day through AU ProtoCall, 202-885-7979. Parents, faculty and staff may also call AU ProtoCall services if concerned about a student.

The Counseling Center is closely monitoring the ever evolving response to COVID-19, and is following the operating status of the university.  We continue to be here for you and to do all we can to support you during this time.

For students physically located in DC an Initial Consultation appointments can be scheduled by calling our main number, 202-885-3500. 

During this appointment, students will meet (virtually or in-person) with a clinician to determine a collaborative plan of care. Please refer to our webpage for more details on scheduling initial appointments online.

If a student is in need of support, they can use AU ProtoCall Services. AU ProtoCall is available 24/7 all year long. Students can use AU ProtoCall services regardless of their location. Students may also use AU ProtoCall to get assistance with finding community referrals. The number for AU ProtoCall is 202-885-7979.

Starting August 16, 20201, the AU Counseling Center will only be able to provide the full scope of our current clinical services (e.g. Initial Consultation assessments, ongoing individual therapy, group counseling) to students who are physically located in the District of Columbia. We recognize this is a challenge in current circumstances; please read on to find out what we are able to provide to support students in a wide range of circumstances.

If you are physically in DC:  AU students in Washington, DC can access all current clinical services.

Students Outside of DC: All students, wherever you are located, can contact the Counseling Center to help with referral resources. We will support you in finding a provider in your current location. You have access to AUCC Protocall services if experiencing a crisis and need to speak with a clinician or if you need assistance in finding a community provider.

Please contact the main Counseling Center number (202-885-3500) and speak with a clinician on the telephone.

Calls that cannot be answered immediately will be returned within 24 business hours.

Yes, absolutely. These sessions use a secure HIPAA compliant video conference platform.

In addition to clinical/therapy services, the Counseling Center offers a number of resources on our webpage on COVID-10 mental health resources. We hope these will be helpful in navigating these difficult times.

Yes, the counseling center will help support students in finding referrals in their respective location. Students can contact AU ProtoCall Services at 202-885-7979 for referral support.

AU students now have access to a personalized wellness platform, YOU@American. From mental and physical health, to friendships and finding balance, YOU@American has self-checks and evaluations to help each student assess their challenges, set their own goals, and support their wellbeing. YOU@American is a personalized and 100% confidential web platform connecting students to online tools and campus resources to support their goals to succeed, thrive and matter at AU.