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Worried About Someone

Consultation Meeting

If you are concerned about an AU student, this page will help you locate some good resources for support. You may be a a faculty or staff member, parent, friend, or roommate who is worried about a student in distress. These resources can help you recognize signs and causes of distress, and discuss how you can encourage a student to get help.

How to Help a Student in Distress

Helping a Student Get Help

Mental Health Resources and On-Line Information
Whether you are concerned for yourself or someone else, this collection of mental health resources covers a wide range of topics including depression, eating disorders, anxiety, medications, etc.

Consult with a CC Clinician
This will link you to a description of the consultation and outreach services available at the Counseling Center. To consult with a Counseling Center clinician, you are also encouraged to call the Center at 202-885-3500.

In Case of an Emergency
If you are concerned for a student's safety, contact 9-1-1 or contact the American University Police Department at (202) 885-3636. If a student has an urgent concern and would like to receive an assessment from a mental health clinician, the Counseling Center offers Urgent Care services M-F 2-4 PM. Students may also connect with national hotline resources.

Dean of Students
The Dean of Students is an excellent resource to call on when you encounter a multi-faceted problem, a problem with ramifications for the broader community, or difficulty determining the most appropriate way to get help for a student.