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Faculty & Staff Services

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The Office of the Dean of Students works with faculty and staff to promote and support the academic mission of the university. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the office as a resource for their questions and concerns, particularly as they relate to the well-being of any student. 


If you are experiencing an emergency, call AU Police (202-885-3636).

Care Network 

If you are concerned about a student, submit a Care Report through the Care Network. The Dean of Students staff will work to connect the student with appropriate resources. The Care Network is accessible to faculty and staff through the Life@AU tab on the portal.

Issues of concern may include:

  • Significant changes in academic performance or changes in activities, work or social activities.
  • Significant life events such as the death of family member or friend.
  • Acting withdrawn, volatile, or unexpectedly tearful.
  • Disruption to an administrative, teaching or learning environment.
  • Difficulty concentrating or carrying on a normal conversation.
  • Verbal or written threats about themselves or others.


  • Absences are automatically excused when they are for medical reasons.
  • Under Academic Regulation 4.1 Academic Regulations, faculty are expected to use their discretion when excusing class absences. 
  • If you have reason to doubt what a student is reporting, you may ask the student to provide medical documentation to the Dean of Students Office. 
  • If you believe what the student is reporting, no medical documentation is required.

Contact the Dean of Students Office for more information on how we can help by or calling us at (202) 885-3300.

Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting

While many faculty and staff do their best to keep personal student information private, only licensed mental health professionals in the Counseling Center, licensed medical professionals in the Student Health Center, ordained clergy in the Kay Spiritual Life Center, and advocates in the Well-Being Center.

The university's Discrimination and Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy requires all faculty and staff to report allegations of discriminatory behavior to designated university officials. In addition, the Clery Act requires reporting of criminal acts that occur on university property.