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Student Health Center

Psychiatric Care

STUDENT HEALTH CENTER ADHD Documentation Guidelines

The Student Health Center requires a complete psychoeducational or neuropsychological report with the components listed below in order to document ADHD for a student at American. If ADHD has been diagnosed by a medical doctor, a report or letter from that doctor is acceptable. The report or letter must include all the criteria listed below, except for point #4, which may or not have been done by a medical doctor.

A report must include the following: 

1. Statement of the presenting problem
2. Relevant history from a diagnostic interview, including:

  • developmental

  • medical

  • academic

  • family

  • psychosocial

  • other previous and current diagnoses

  • results or copies of screening tools/assessments/questionnaires used for evaluation and diagnosis

3. Alternative diagnoses or explanations ruled out
4. Testing, including scores and discussion of results
5. DSM-IV diagnosis and rationale
6. Medication prescribed – both current and past, as well as response – adverse reactions and side effects

If a student cannot present the above documentation, the Student Health Center cannot authorize prescriptions for ADHD medication. In such a case, the Academic Support and Access Center can provide a list of psychiatrists in the community with expertise in diagnosing and treating ADHD. The Academic Support and Access Center can also arrange an initial, no-cost screening to assist in determining whether and where an evaluation might be obtained off campus.

You can learn more about the Academic Support and Access Center and how to request disability-related accommodations by stopping in at MGC 243, or reviewing the information at click here.