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Student Health Center

Psychiatric Care

College can be an exciting and transformative time, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Stress, anxiety and a wide range of other emotions can be normal reactions to college life. When emotional, relational, or psychological difficulties make it hard to be a successful student, it is important to reach out and ask for help. Various types of support and treatment are available and may address your needs. The SHC is pleased to be able to offer psychiatric care to students through our psychiatric nurse practitioner.

The main focus of psychiatric care at the SHC is the management of psychiatric medications. If you or your therapist thinks psychiatric medication might be helpful to you, or you would like to discuss the option of medication, you may set up an initial psychopharmacology evaluation. This initial evaluation, scheduled for forty-five minutes, is an opportunity for the prescribing clinician to hear about your current problem and symptoms, and to assess if medication is appropriate. This visit is also a time for you to ask questions about psychiatric medication, learn about medication options, possible side effects, risks and benefits, as well as non-pharmacological options.

If you are a student interested in counseling and psychotherapy, please contact AU's Counseling Center by phone or stop by their office to schedule a confidential appointment with a counselor. The Counseling Center can also provide referrals to psychiatric and psychological care in the community. The University's Counseling Center also addresses all urgent psychiatric emergencies. You can reach them at 202.885.3500 or find them in MGC 214.