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Student Health Insurance About the Student Health Insurance Plan

American University requires all full-time students, all students who live in AU housing, and all international students with F-1 and J-1 visas to carry personal health insurance. Students in these required categories are automatically enrolled in the AU student health insurance plan offered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. The annual premium of $1,960 is automatically assessed to your student account. If you are covered under another comparable health insurance plan, you can waive the university-sponsored student health insurance plan by submitting a waiver. The waiver for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available beginning June 5, 2018.

Student Health Insurance will be provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources for the 2018-2019 policy year.

The Rates for the 2018-2019 Policy Year
Annual Fall Spring/Summer Summer
Student $1.960 $850 $1,145 $500
Spouse/Partner $1,960 $850 $1,145 $500
Each Child $1,960 $850 $1,145 $500
All Children $3,920 $1,700 $2,290 $1,000
All Dependents $5,880 $2,550 $3,435 $1,500

Health Insurance FAQ

Yes. If you have been assessed the premium for the student health insurance plan and want to accept the coverage, you can go to and click on the link that says "Enrollment Form." By completing this enrollment form, your coverage will become active on the first day of the student health insurance policy, August 1st, and you will not receive any additional weekly waiver reminder emails. If you do not complete this enrollment form and do not submit a waiver, your coverage will not become effective until you complete this form or the waiver database closes on September 22nd and the charge will remain on your student account. You will not be able to print out an insurance card or access pharmacy benefits until September 27th

If you are not in one of the categories that requires insurance, but you are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, you are able to voluntarily enroll in the student health insurance plan. To complete a voluntary enrollment form, email with your name, AUID, date of birth, and preferred mailing address. Your student account will be billed for the health insurance and you will receive an email when you are able to create an account with UnitedHealthcare.

The student health insurance plan does not include dental and vision coverage; however, you can purchase dental and vision coverage for an additional fee. Information on the dental and vision plan can be found online at To enroll in the plans, click on the "Enroll Now" link. Dental and Additional Resources vision insurance is also available to students even if you do not enroll in the student health insurance plan. The premium for dental and vision coverage cannot be added to your student account and you must enroll by September 15th.

All full-time students, students living in university-sponsored housing at American University, and students with an F1 or J1 visa are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. If you were automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan based on the number of credit hours you are taking, it's important for you to contact our office if you drop any classes. If you were full-time and drop to part-time status, you'll lose your health insurance benefits. To prevent this, you'll need to complete a voluntary enrollment form.

All students – undergraduate, graduate, and law – taking six or more credit hours are eligible to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

 f you are covered by your parents' plan or have other coverage that contains comparable benefits to the AU plan, you probably wouldn't need the AU insurance plan. Before you waive, you might want to review the specifics of your current policy and compare them with the AU plan. Some of the basic information you might want to compare is:
Annual cost - is the AU plan less expensive for the amount of benefits offered than your current plan? 
Deductible amount - how much you will pay out of pocket before your insurance pays? In network and out of network benefits – does your insurance consider specialists in DC in-network or out-of-network?
Prescription drug benefit - does your plan include coverage for prescription drugs?
Coverage abroad - does your plan include coverage when you travel abroad?

Simply complete an online health insurance waiver before the designated waiver deadline. See the Insurance Waiver Information page.

Yes. You must waive the AU Student Health Insurance Plan at the beginning of each academic year. 

To learn more about the plan, you can visit Benefit information as well as information regarding the optional dental and vision coverage are available here. 
If you have been automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, the premium (annual cost of health insurance) amount will be assessed to your student account. You can log onto and review your Eagle Finance Page to ensure this has occurred. 
UnitedHealthcare is going green and will not be automatically sending cards to student. To get a card visit and click on the Create An Account under My Accounts. You will use your university e-mail address to create an account. If you account includes the word student after the @, leave out the student. 

Yes. AU understands that you might not be alone when coming to AU. With that in mind, you can purchase health insurance for your spouse, domestic partner, or dependents. After your create an account with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources you will be able to purchase additional coverage online.

If you have questions about your health insurance enrollment, you can email the student health center at If you have questions about student health insurance benefits or claims call 1-800-767-0700.