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Student Health Insurance Waiver Information

The health insurance waiver for the fall 2019 semester will be available June 3, 2019.

The deadline to submit a waiver is September 20, 2019.

A health insurance waiver is required at the beginning of every academic year if you are in a required cateogry for health insurance. Required categories for health insurance include full-time, residential students, and students on F1 and J1 visas.

Health insurance waivers are required every year that you are in a required category for health insurance.

Health insurance is required of all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1 and J1 visas.

  • If you fall into one of the required categories, the student health insurance premium is automatically assessed to your student account.
  • You will only be able to waive the student health insurance if the fee is on your student account.
  • The premium can be removed from your account if you choose not to participate. In order to waive coverage you must provide proof of comparable coverage.
  • If you elect to waive the student health insurance plan, you must do so before the deadline.


The student health insurance premium will be removed from your student account within 5 business days of a completed and approved waiver.

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