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Student Health Insurance Referral Policy

If you're covered by the AU Student Health Insurance Plan, the SHC is your primary care provider and first stop for health care needs. At the Center, our professional staff can take care of most routine internal medicine and GYN issues, including annual GYN exams and physicals. For specialty care, diagnostic testing, or therapeutic services, we will refer you out as needed.

Referrals are valid for the remainder of the health insurance policy year after they are issued. Insurance requires a separate referral from the SHC for additional services (i.e. an MRI or physical therapy) that the consultant may order. Once you are issued a referral from the student health center, it will be entered in UnitedHealthcare's referral system within 24 hours.

If you're referred to a specialist directly from an emergency room, it's important that the specialist be a participating provider with the Student Health Insurance Plan in order to maximize your benefit.