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  • Bed lofts create more space for students to organize their belongings

Who We Are:

The Residence Maintenance Crew (RMC) is a team of student staff who are tasked with supporting Housing & Dining Programs’ mission of “Providing safe, secure and well-maintained residential environments that promote personal success, social engagement and global responsibility.

RMCs respond to 2Fix facilities requests concerning residence hall furniture, set-ups for events held in meeting spaces within the residence halls, and generally work to improve the residential experience at American University. The Residence Maintenance Crew services all residence halls on main campus as well as Nebraska Hall and the Berkshire Apartments.

What We Do:

Duties of the RMC's include:

  • Respond to 2Fix requests concerning all moveable furniture (desks, beds, chairs, mattresses, lounge furniture, etc.)
  • Triple and de-triple rooms
  • Install and remove lofts
  • Bunk and de-bunk beds
  • Oversee all appliance issues (remove and replace burners, drip trays, microwaves, stoves, fridges, and lights on all appliances)
  • Replace and repair window shades and curtains
  • Set-up and break-down residence hall meeting spaces


RMC's normal operating hours during the academic year are Monday-Friday 9am until 9pm, and Saturday from 10am until 4pm. During the summer sessions, RMC operating hours are Monday-Friday 9am until 5pm. There is also an RMC On-Duty (RMCOD) after-hours for emergencies.

RMC On-Duty:

The RMC On-Duty (RMCOD) is made available after-hours for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Generally this is defined as a space that is not livable for the resident (i.e. broken bed/bunk bed, broken loft). To contact the RMCOD, please visit the front desk of the nearest residence hall and the Desk Receptionist will assist you.


The RMC office can be found within Housing & Dining Programs main office in Anderson Hall.

Residence Hall Event Set-Ups:

RMC’s are notified daily of events scheduled to take place within residence hall meeting spaces. RMC’s rely on the information provided to University Event Scheduling during the room reservation process. Please complete space requests carefully and be mindful of the number of attendees expected, as well as the layout of the room. If any details for your event change, please call the Housing & Dining Programs main office at (202) 885-3370 as soon as possible to ensure all necessary changes are made.